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According to the Biblical Tradition in former times the humanity had a single language of communication. But one day, overcoming by pride, people began to build up to the heavens the Tower of Babel. The Angry God, "mixed" languages, interrupted their work, and since then the community of people has been broken.

Mission of Translation Bureau Jur Klee

The value of the depth of meaning of this legend – the knowledge of languages lays in the basis of understanding each other, building political, business, cultural and personal relationships. And no matter how pathetic it may sound today, but translators are called to help in building "bridges" of understanding today.

Under the motto of the creation of positive communication, elimination of language barriers between people in 2008 Translation Bureau «JUR KLEE» was founded. During this time we have managed to develop modern methods of selection of highly-qualified translators, editors, proofreaders, programmers, web designers, managers, as well as consultants with highly-specialized profiles.

The main strategy of our activity is professionalism, European quality, efficiency and individual approach to each order of corporate or individual client.

Activities of the Company Jur Klee
  • Written translations from/into foreign languages of 40 countries of the world (legal, technical, medical, standard documents of private nature; translation and localization of websites) with further notarization
  • Legalization of documents in Ukraine, abroad with their official certification in the correspondent institutions (notarized translations, apostille putting, consular legalization)
  • Nostrification of documents in Ukraine
  • Registration and re-registration of firms (LLC (Limited Liability Company, SEA (Subject of Entrepreneurial Activity), PE (Private Enterprise)), making changes in their documents
  • Registration of foreign representative office of business-structures in Ukraine
  • Discovery of documents for clients from different institutions, organizations in all regions of Ukraine and world countries
  • Getting police clearance certificates for the citizens of Ukraine and other countries
  • Getting by non-residents of Ukraine of a taxpayer’s identification number (ITN)
  • Getting employment permit in Ukraine by foreign citizens

What are the advantages of cooperation with the Company «JUR KLEE»?

Advantages of the Company Jur Klee
  •   High quality of intellectual translation without the software application by the specialists with basic education. The translation is performed using glossaries, dictionaries, encyclopedias, with the direct participation of experts-consultants
  •   Provision of confidentiality when dealing with documents, which contain a closed/hidden information
  •   Establishment of business contacts with various institutions and organizations, excluding the services of intermediaries
  •   Efficiency of orders execution taking into account the strictest clients’ requirements (terms, style, specific terminology, etc.)
  •   Modern forms of orders receipt for execution by the company employees (courier mail, e-mail, personal delivery)
  •   Current actions on gratuitous documents delivery in all regional centers of Ukraine
  •   If necessary, possibility of getting a gratuitous consultative help on all kinds of offered services
  •   Correct pricing policy within the mutually beneficial range, the settlements system under the fact of final order execution.

We are always open for dialogue with our clients, we focus on their needs and in accordance with them model our activities. Because our main value is the clients’ interests and our team is always ready to help in solving their business and personal problems.