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Permission for employment of foreigners in Ukraine - Jur KleeModern migration processes give rise to problems that relate to different aspects of the lives of people, who have found themselves far away from their native places. One of them is the employment of foreigners wishing to find job in order to earn a decent life or to obtain a basis for legalizing their location in the territory of another state.

Today, the legal employment of foreigners in Ukraine has become no less relevant than the employment of its citizens. To minimize the competition of foreigners with the local population in employment, a mechanism for the legal settlement of these problems has been developed.

Legal side of obtaining employment permit

In fact, the need to have an employment permit for foreigners implies that citizens of Ukraine enjoy preferential rights to receive it.

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There is a clear list of categories of foreigners who do not require a special permit for employment: permanent residents in Ukraine, employees of foreign media and representations, artists, athletes, participants in the implementation of international projects, invited for teaching in universities.

Innovations to the procedure of documentation preparation

In September 2017, Ukraine adopted a reform that changed the conditions and rules for the employment of foreigners. It consists in the abolition of any requirements for the qualification of foreigner and the establishment of a minimum wage, which he/she must receive in the amount of 10 minimum wages established by law (3200 UAH in 2017). Also, a fee will be charged for issuing an employment permit and renewing it.

Along with the expansion of the categories of foreign citizens who can obtain an employment permit in Ukraine, the innovations can reduce both the number of documents submitted for review and the terms of their consideration by the employment service.

Key changes in the process of employment of foreigners:

  1. A foreigner can become a part of the staff of individual entrepreneurs (SPD).
  2. The ability of foreigners to employ for several jobs at once (the number is not limited by law).
  3. The opportunity of work of the foreigner as second job in one company is settled.
  4. The need for issuing an employment permit for persons on whom a decision was made to issue documents for resolving the issue of recognition as a refugee (the preliminary stage of registration of refugee status in Ukraine) has been clarified.
  5. Two categories of foreigners with established differences in the procedure for issuing an employment permit and its conditions were outlined.
  6. For the employed nonresidents, the minimum wage was established.
  7. The list of documents for issuing an employment permit for foreigners was changed.
  8. For special categories, the validity period of an employment permit has been adjusted - it is possible to issue the document for up to 3 years.
  9. The size of the fee for issuing an employment permit was changed. When the term is extended, a fee is also charged.
  10. The requirements for making adjustments to the permit have been changed.
  11. The terms for considering applications for issuance and extension of an employment permit have been changed, as well as the deadline has been set for filing an application for renewal of a permit.

Categories of employed foreigners

The legislation has established the categories of employed foreigners:

  1. A particular category;
  2. Workers of social and charitable organizations, educational institutions;
  3. All other categories of foreign workers.

A particular category includes:

  • Foreign highly paid professionals - the salary is at least 50 min. wages per a month;
  • Founders/beneficiaries of a legal entity incorporated in Ukraine;
  • Graduates of top-100 international universities according to the list of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;
  • Foreign workers of creative professions;
  • IT-professionals.

Other foreign workers include foreigners who, according to the legislation of Ukraine, need to obtain an employment permit and do not belong to IT or creative professions. Salary per a month does not exceed 50 min. salaries established on January 01 of the calendar year, in which the employer submits the documents.

Payment for issuing permit

The state payment for issuing a permit is established at such a level:

Term of issuing permit

State duty for issuing permit

from 1 up to 3 years

6 living wages

from 6 months up to 1 year

4 living wages

up to 6 months

2 living wages

Who can help to obtain an employment permit in Ukraine?

Applying to the company "JUR KLEE", you get a real chance to get rid of the lion's share of problems related not only to the registration, preparation of the necessary documents, but also to their translation, agreement in the relevant agencies. Additionally, we can help you obtain a medical insurance policy for foreigners in Ukraine.

The cost of our services when obtaining a work permit is 2400 UAH, the execution period is 10 working days.

Our specialists will always be able to provide advice on the basis of the main provisions of the existing regulatory and legal documents.

We will help to avoid bureaucratic red tape, "underwater currents", and therefore, with the least losses of time, nerves, funds to achieve the desired result in the legal field of our state.

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