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Preparation of tender documents

Participation in public and commercial procurement requires proper preparation, registration of the full package and submission of the tender offer. Just one mistake or inaccuracy can lead to undesirable consequences – your disqualification and loss of profit. Therefore, it is extremely important to approach the formation of the tender offer with the utmost attention, and in the absence of proper experience, it is better to entrust this matter to professionals. The Company JUR KLEE is ready to assist in the preparation of a tender offer on a turnkey basis. Experience and thorough knowledge of legal nuances will ensure significant advantages over competitors.

Service provision procedure

The Company's lawyers practice a comprehensive approach to the task of any complexity. As part of the order execution, they:

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  •  analyse tender documents/announcements for simplified or pre-threshold procurement/requirements for the subject of procurement;
  •  study the documentation for the presence/absence of discriminatory conditions, and if they exist, offer options for their elimination;
  •  check the participant's compliance with the requirements specified in the documentation/tender;
  •  draw up/prepare a register of required documents on behalf of the participant;
  •  ollect all the necessary certificates (on criminal record, on the absence of corrupt activities, bankruptcy, certificates on opening a bank account, certificates on the presence/absence of debt on loans, with the tax service on the absence of debt on mandatory payments, etc.);
  •  provide support when issuing a bank guarantee;
  •  check the documents already collected by the customer.

As a result, a whole package of documents is formed. The customer can only put their own electronic signature (seal) and upload them to the electronic system.

The Company guarantees the provision of high-quality services in accordance with the applicable legal regulations, as well as taking into account the requirements of the tender organizers.

Preparation and execution of documents is carried out according to the standard scheme. It provides for the following procedure:

Step 1

Sending the purchase number to the email address for review.

Step 2

Initial processing of documents: a preliminary analysis of the tender documentation and the requirements of the organizers is carried out.

Step 3

Preparation of the register of the necessary documentation base.

Step 4

Drawing up certificates, warranty obligations, checking existing documents, conducting consultations.

Step 5

Formation of a package of documents required for participation in the tender.

Step 6

Assistance in placing the application and the package of documents (if necessary).

The cost of our services

The Company's pricing policy is flexible and is formed taking into account the individual characteristics of the transaction, the nature of the tender, and the requirements of the organizers. Preliminary consultation helps to understand the subtleties of the process, as well as to choose the most advantageous strategy for preparing a tender offer.

Preparation of tender documents

Frequently asked questions

In the course of being acquainted with the information, customers may have related questions. The most frequent of them have already been answered, which can be found in the FAQ section.

List of documents for participation in the tender

The full list of documents required for participation in the tender is selected taking into account the requirements of the customer. Depending on the request, there is a need to prepare several groups of documents:

  1. General documents describing the type of economic activity (extract from the register of taxpayers, extract from the register of entrepreneurs, and others).
  2. Documents confirming the qualification criteria (staffing table, certificate of availability of material and technical base, financial reports, etc.).
  3. Documents that can confirm the compliance of the object of purchase with the technical requirements that were established by the customer (licenses, certificates, estimates, etc.).
  4. Documents confirming the security of the tender offer or contract (bank guarantee, etc.).

Procurement support at all stages of the process

The Company JUR KLEE undertakes full support of participation in tenders, providing clients with expert legal support at each stage of their implementation. The offer includes the following list of services:


Technical support

The Company's specialists help clients register on electronic platforms accredited in the Prozorro system, configure the system, and participate in tenders.


Help in finding orders

Experts conduct a preliminary assessment of the potential and competitiveness of the client, conduct market analysis and monitor offers that can arouse their interest.


Support of participation in procurement

The tender documentation is analysed from the point of view of identifying weaknesses and risks of subsequent disqualification. An analytical comparison with competitors is carried out. Assistance is provided in the submission of a tender offer, and support is provided during the tender.


Advisory support

Drawing up an individual action plan, preparing the necessary certificates and documents, providing advice on organizational issues related to participation in the tender.


Legal support

The Company's lawyers conduct an expert analysis of proposals received from competitors. They are engaged in the preparation and execution of a full package of documents for participation in the tender. They advise on the preparation of complaints to state bodies and authorities. Protect the interests of the client when they are considered.



The Company's specialists organize and conduct master classes and trainings that help students independently enter tenders or improve the work of the full-time tender department or individual employees of the company for successful participation and victory in public and commercial procurement.

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