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The creation of an LLC in KievLimited liability company is the most popular and acceptable legal-organizational form of registration of a legal entity for any entrepreneur.

Registration of LLC in Ukraine makes this particular organizational and legal form most acceptable for an average businessman, since LLC is: limiting the liability of a participant, anyone can open an LLC in Kiev, a small amount of minimum authorized capital (about 1500 UAH) and a relatively simple operating procedure for LLC.

Difficulties upon enterprises registration

Despite the relative simplicity of the enterprise operation compared with other organizational-legal forms, the creation of an LLC in Ukraine is a rather tiresome bureaucratic procedure, where one mistake in the documentation can erase all the progress achieved and force the entrepreneur to start the entire registration procedure again.

Anyone can open an LLC in Kiev, but few have enough knowledge and experience to do this quickly and accurately. That is why the services of professional lawyers are becoming increasingly popular, allowing to register an LLC (LLC) without unnecessary problems and include the implementation of all the necessary actions to start the successful operation of the enterprise.

How much does an LLC registration in Kiev cost?

Many believe that applying to lawyers for help in registering an LLC in Kiev, they will spend a lump sum of money.

However, contacting our company to create an LLC, you will spend only 2400 UAH.

When ordering a full range of services, which includes: registration of an LLC, obtaining a work permit and obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine - there is a special price for registering a company in the amount of 1800 UAH!

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What you will receive for 2400 UAH?

We will perform the following:

  • we will prepare documents for registration of LLC in Ukraine;
  • select the types of economic activity for your organization in accordance with all norms of current legislation;
  • agree with the notary about the certification of constituent documents. Therefore, you just have to come and put your signature on the documents;
  • obtain an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, individuals - entrepreneurs and public formations in paper form;
  • as a gift, we will produce the seal with automatic equipment for your company.

To clarify more detailed information about the procedure of enterprise registration

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Main stages and mistakes upon enterprise registration

According to the Law of Ukraine “About State Registration of Legal Entities and Individuals-Entrepreneurs”, LLC registration in Ukraine is carried out by submitting the list of documents established by the Law to the state registrar. Thus, the first stage is the preparation and execution of all necessary documents for state registration of the enterprise.

Register LLC in Ukraine The main document on the basis of which any limited liability company carries out its activities is the articles of association. The legislation sets forth certain requirements both to the form of the articles of association (signatures of future participants of LLC must be notarized) and to the content of this document. The articles of association should cover a number of mandatory issues of the enterprise’s operation (composition of participants, amount of authorized capital, procedure for appointing executive and controlling bodies of the enterprise, procedure for withdrawing a member from an LLC) and, at the same time, not contradict the current legislation. Therefore, it is extremely difficult for a person without a legal education to compile competent articles of association of an enterprise, which, subsequently, can lead to problems both at the registration stage and at the stage of LLC operation, therefore it is better to entrust this process to professional lawyers.

Directly state registration of an enterprise in Kiev is carried out by filing a relevant application and attached documents to the state registrar.

Open LLC independently: main mistakes

In addition to standard errors in filling out applications, entrepreneurs, having decided to open an LLC independently, often incorrectly choose forms of enterprise activity according to KVED, which can later lead to a number of serious negative consequences.

Many entrepreneurs, having received an extract from the Unified Register of Legal Entities, immediately start work, forgetting that the registration of an LLC in Ukraine ends only when the established enterprise is registered in the tax authorities, statistics bodies and the pension fund. In addition, it is necessary to open a bank account and make a seal, and, in some cases, also become registered in the tax administration as a single tax payer. Each of these actions takes a large amount of time, but our lawyers guarantee quick and timely fulfillment of their obligations, which will allow the owner to register an LLC as soon as possible and to start full-scale business activities.

As you can see, the creation of an LLC is quite complex procedure, containing a number of pitfalls that are difficult to circumvent without special knowledge and in the future may lead to the need to change the legal address or perform a number of other legal manipulations leading to financial costs. Creating a legal entity is in many ways reminiscent of the process of birth of an individual: you can take delivery yourself, but it is much safer for everyone if this work is performed by a competent specialist, which guarantees the absence of complications in the process of creating a legal entity and creates the prerequisites for further successful operation of an enterprise, after all, the successful opening of LLC is the first step towards a great future for you as an entrepreneur.

How to start working with us and successfully create a company?

To begin registration you only need to present us the following data:

  • passport and identification code of the founder;
  • passport and identification code of the director;
  • company name. The name of your future company can be written in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, and also indicate the abbreviated names of the company;
  • the size of the authorized capital, as well as the method of its formation (money or property).
  • legal address of the company. If you do not have a legal address for your company, we will be able to provide it for an additional fee;
  • activities for the future company. We can help you in choosing activities.
  • contact telephone of the company.

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