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Access to the ProZorro electronic system

Although the sphere of sale of state property attracts the attention of representatives of various levels of business, but corruption stands in the way of everything. The only way to break out of these networks is the ProZorro system, which is a database on a special server. Our agency Jur Klee offers assistance in connecting to this structure and support along the way. This feature will be implemented through the electronic trading system ProZorro.Sales.

Why choose ProZorro.Sales

The justification for this step lies in the guaranteed recognition of the principles and values inherent in the ProZorro structure itself:

  • Creating a partnership in the field of interaction between business, government and society (taking into account the interests of all parties);
  • Building trust in public procurement;
  • Fair and just competition is the way to save taxpayers' money;
  • Transparency of ongoing processes (from announcements to winners);
  • Emphasis on the e-procurement philosophy.

Who needs it

First, the effectiveness of the system will be felt by all those individuals and legal entities interested in small-scale privatization, which includes:

Sale of property from the sphere of state and municipal property

Sale of the bank's assets liquidated by the deposit guarantee fund for individuals

Purchase of rights to lease railcars

Acquisition of a mining permit

Getting ownership of blocks of shares

Obtaining unified property complexes

Purchase of commercial real estate

Purchase of lots of untreated wood that forest users are very interested in

Participation in land auctions

In addition, thanks to the ProZorro structure.Sales simplifies the task of buying an apartment in the capital or another city at the market price. In addition, here it does not matter in which house or cottage the desired property is located.

How is the procedure going

The electronic platform, which allows more than 35 state and municipal authorities and enterprises and about 250 thousand commercial companies to combine their interests, works in this way:

  • Publication of tender announcements by customers;
  • Provision of commercial offers by suppliers;
  • Access to the electronic auction module (via electronic platforms authorized by the Prozorro system);
  • Register in the structure and get access to the central database, to the portal prozorro.gov.ua and all sites that contain information about tenders.

Benefits of cooperation with ProZorro platforms.Sales

Thanks to the ability to act online, it is possible to implement such intentions very quickly and easily:

  • View the full list of property sale ads;
  • Get acquainted with the automated evaluation of the results of price offers determined as a result of the auction;
  • Complete elimination of corruption and criminal agreements.

Based on ProZorro.Sales and interested parties make the following tasks easier for themselves:

  • Acquisition of commercial real estate;
  • Land buying;
  • Acquisition of gas and oil production rights;
  • Conclusion of lease agreements for the use of agricultural land, apartments, furniture, offices and vehicles.

Access to the ProZorro electronic system

Thanks to registration on authorized platforms ProZorro.Sales, each interested party gets the opportunity to see the most popular lots and follow the auction with the participation of such respected owners:

  • State Property Fund;
  • Individuals Deposit Guarantee Fund;
  • National Bank of Ukraine;
  • Ukrainian Geological Survey and State Service of Ukraine for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre;
  • Ukrainian Railways;
  • Transport Logistics Center of Ukrainian Railways JSC;
  • UkrHydroEnergy;
  • Metro;
  • UkrGasVydobuvannya;
  • State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources.

This list should also include such market players as united territorial communities, local and village councils.

Arguments for cooperation with Jur Klee

Using the help of responsible and experienced employees of Jur Klee agency, you have a chance to participate in open and fair bidding through the ProZorro system.Sales where the risk of corruption is completely eliminated, and the auction results are evaluated automatically. The following arguments also convince you to choose this particular agency:

  • Performing work of any complexity in accordance with the established deadline;
  • Possibility of urgent problem solving;
  • Extensive experience and established business relationships with organizations involved in solving possible problems;
  • Several payment methods for rendered services;
  • Responsibility and guaranteed quality of services;
  • Attractive prices.

In addition, cooperation with the Jur Klee guarantees the solution of problems in the need for high-quality translation of documents, their preparation or restoration, Apostille placement and legalization.

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The interested person will also be able to count on such assistance:

  • Collection of a package of documents for the tender in accordance with the legislation;
  • Correction of shortcomings and problematic issues, if any;
  • Filling out the appropriate forms;
  • Control over the timely receipt of all messages and confirmations;
  • Support during the entire planned process and cooperation with the competent authorities;
  • Conclusion of contracts for providing access to the system for auctions for the distribution of support quotas, etc.

Along with these services, the client has the professional legal support. If necessary, personal consultations and active support will be provided at all stages of tender purchases. A well-coordinated team will successfully cope with all the operations that the planned case requires.

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