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registration of foreigners in UkraineThe sample of registration in the passport

Registration in Kiev and other settlements of Ukraine is necessary to obtain the passport of citizen of Ukraine, for foreigners it will be needed when registering a residence permit. In Ukraine, the State Migration Service is the body that deals with the registration procedure, it affixes the stamp about residence registration in the passport.

Registration takes place by recording information about a person's place of residence with the indication of his/her address in the Unified State Demographic Register. This is necessary to obtain official documents or correspondence.

Documents for residence registration in Ukraine

Below you can see the list of necessary documents for foreigners (nonresidents) and citizens of Ukraine to obtain a residence registration in and other regions of Ukraine:

 Foreigner (nonresident)

  • Certificate about permanent or temporary residence in the country;
  • Document confirming the right for residence in apartment, house (we will help to present such a paper);
  • Passport;
  • Application about residence registration;
  • Receipt about payment of administrative duty.
*in the table are indicated the maid documents to obtain a residence registration in Ukraine

 Citizen of Ukraine

  • Document confirming the right for residence in apartment, house (we will help to present such a paper);
  • National passport and copy;
  • Military ticket (if any);
  • Application about residence registration;
  • Receipt about payment of administrative duty.

Let’s note that after obtaining a residence permit, within 30 days the residence registration is necessary in Kiev or other settlements of Ukraine.

Cost of residence registration

Our company will help you with obtainment of a residence registration in Kiev at the following prices:


Price for 6 months

Price for a year


4500 UAH

6000 UAH


4500 UAH

5500 UAH


4500 UAH

6000 UAH


4500 UAH

5500 UAH

Kiev region

3500 UAH

4500 UAH

*the price is not a public offer.

To obtain a residence registration in Kiev!


Send us your documents and our manager will contact you soon!

Order residence registration in Kiev

Let’s note that we directly cooperate with owners of houses and apartments, who will officially register you.

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What possibilities gives the residence registration in Ukraine

Residence registration in Kiev and regions gives the following possibilities to citizens:

  • Obtainment of international passport and different visas;
  • Opening an account in a bank, obtaining a loan;
  • Registration of vehicles;
  • Registration of different insurance;
  • Obtaining documents for official employment;
  • Receiving pension and other social payments;
  • Right for medical help in public hospitals;
  • Possibility to apply to a notary and others.

As you see, the residence registration of a foreigner in Ukraine opens for him/her all available possibilities, which gives our country.

Residence registration with the help of Jur Klee

Our company we directly work with owners of houses and apartments, who will officially register you in the territory of their living area. Upon expiration of the term of validity of the contract you can renew it. Also the mailing service will be carried out at the address. The apartment owner will be personally present upon the residence registration in Kiev. In addition to this - we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our page on obtaining a work permit for foreigners, where you will find a lot of useful information.

Order the place of residence for registration
15 Feb 2019, 17:54
Помогли разобраться со сбором документов для прописки и самой пропиской! Очень оперативно.Спасибо!

03 Jan 2019, 10:02
Оксана Марченко
Доброе утро! Подскажите, какой порядок сбора и можно ли через вас сделать все нужные документы для прописки? Например, мне не очень понятно, как и что нужно писать в заялении о регистрации. Спасибо! Документы для прописки делаю для гражданина Украины!

Здравствуйте, Оксана!

Мы предоставляем услугу по сопровождению регистрации по собственному адресу, напишите на почту нашему менеджеру jurklee.vnz@gmail.com и он Вам поможет в данном вопросе. Хорошего дня!

03 Jan 2019, 11:20
Пашаев Борис

20 Dec 2018, 11:24
Доброе утро! Отличаются ли документы для прописки для постоянной и временной регистрации для иностранцев? Также интересует процедура прописки и выписки в Украине, а именно, нужно ли будет иностранцу потом каким-либо образом выписываться (через 1 год)??? Заранее спасибо!

Здравствуйте, Ирина!

На данный момент временной регистрации (прописки) не существует. Наша услуга по регистрации места жительства предоставляется сроком на пол года и 1 год, с Вами заключается договор на этот срок и после его окончания Вы или продлеваете действие договора или прекращаете его. Во втором случае Вам никак лично выписываться не потребуется, это будет сделано арендодателем. Спасибо за Ваш вопрос, хорошего дня!

20 Dec 2018, 13:44
Пашаев Борис


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