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Analysis and monitoring Prozorro

Bodies of state power, local self-government and social insurance of Ukraine, as well as companies that are budget holders, or those authorized capital of which the state's share exceeds 50%, in accordance with the Law On public procurement, are required to use the system ProZorro, provided that the cost of works is not less than 1.5 million, as of goods or services 200 thousand UAH or more.

As a result, all transactions for large sums, or those concluded by state agencies and companies with significant state participation, pass through the ProZorro platform. In addition, a professionally conducted analysis of this data allows you to get information that is vital for business. Opportunities provided by the analysis of transactions made on Prozorro transactions, features of the selection of tenders and other important details makes it possible to adjust your own actions and, as a result, increase the profitability of the business

Who needs ProZorro monitoring and why

For any business, an assessment of the potential market is necessary. Knowledge of demand, price level and general analysis of the market in which the company offers its own products or services.

ProZorro is the largest electronic platform in Ukraine and it is through it that the largest orders are placed and the seller or performer is selected. The analysis of the transactions made and the features due to which certain enterprises receive orders from state organizations and other ProZorro participants allows you to adjust your own proposals in tenders and create competitive offers.

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Despite the fact that retail prices are publicly available, a thorough study of competitors' websites and an understanding of the pricing process require both time and certain knowledge. With price lists intended for wholesale buyers and customers, (especially if the question concerns state and equivalent organizations) everything is much more complicated and the search for such data requires much more effort.

What information does a business get using the monitoring of the public procurement market ProZorro:

  • the full range (both minimum and maximum) of prices in a specific area or for specific products;
  • analysis of competitors' actions, including not only the tenders in which they participated, but also the prices and nomenclature of the offered goods or services;
  • a list of contracts concluded by competitors working in the same field with government agencies (both existing and already completed).

As a result, users of the monitoring offered by us have accurate information about the prices of competitors, the specifics of their tenders, data about the organizations with which they work.

There is also an opportunity to find out who offers products that are part of your segment, learn about manufacturers working with suppliers, find out the quality of competing products.

Analysis and monitoring Prozorro

The analysis of the purchases made allows you to adjust your own offers in such a way that their competitiveness rises to a new level. As a result, users of monitoring services Prozorro have a real opportunity to conclude contracts with government agencies for large sums and grow their own business.

If necessary, assistance is provided not only in studying the activities of the site, but also in selecting the most suitable tenders. The selection is carried out according to the necessary parameters: nomenclature, volumes, and direct contractors. Assistance is provided in the preparation of competitive applications, services are provided, including both full preparation of proposals and consultations on already compiled documentation packages.

What is included in the procurement analytics and what sources of information are used

A comprehensive analysis of the procurement market on the electronic platform ProZorro includes complete information on tenders and transactions in a specific area, as well as information about participation in them and the results of the activities of specific companies. In this case, the information of the ProZorro system generated by the electronic system is used.

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