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About the Company Jur Klee

Vacancies in the Translation Bureau Jur Klee

The Company Jur Klee is known on the market for more than 7 years. The specificity of the work is to provide all types of legal assistance in the migration field.

The bureau carries out written translations from/into 40 foreign languages. With it, texts can have legal, technical, medical nature. Personal documents are also translated.

We assist in the legalization of documents in Ukraine, abroad with their official certification in the relevant departments. Consequently, notarial translations, apostille affixing, consular legalization and nostrification are needed.

In addition, registration and re-registration of companies (LLC, SEA, PE), making amendments to their documents. You can apply for the services when registering a representative office in the territory of Ukraine, reclaiming documents from various departments, organizations in all regions of Ukraine and other states.

Services include obtaining police clearance certificates for citizens of Ukraine and other countries; obtaining by foreign citizens of a’ taxpayer’s identification number (TIN); permits for employment in Ukraine.

Why it is worth working in Jur Klee:

 Career growth

Possibility of career growth and professional development for each employee.

 Convenient schedule

The working schedule is from
9.00 a.m. till 18.00 p.m. five days in a week taking into account state holydays and weekends.

 Office in the center of Kiev

Just 5 minutes walk from the metro station "University", right next to the botanical garden.

 Social guarantees

Official employment of employees, as well as paid leave and sick leave.


We offer a competitive salary in the capital, as well as privileges and bonuses.

 Friendly team

A solidary team that is always ready to help, as well as corporate parties and holidays.

 Wi-fi coverage

A quick wi-fi is available for all employees throughout the two-story office.

 Big kitchen

Not one, but two kitchens are available: with the fridge, microwave and coffee maker.

 And that is not all...

We do not stop there, we plan to introduce and develop other advantages.

Actual vacancies:

The presented work is interesting for professionals who need to improve their own knowledge. After all, orders are diverse and require profound knowledge of the language. Accordingly, the level of language proficiency will grow in the course of the work.

I want to be a translator!


Fill out the form and attach your CV and we will contact you!

At the same time, it is necessary to note a number of peculiarities of the offered vacancies:

  • It is necessary to provide documents that certify the obtained education;
  • The employee should be focused on responsible work and be prepared to provide its quality. The reputation of the company is irreproachable and it consists of the work of each individual translator. The preservation of such a reputation is of fundamental importance;
  • Translators have access to the company's dictionary database. This facilitates the work, promotes professional development;
  • Work is built on an individual schedule. Everyone has the right to choose the type of employment and the volume of orders load.

In the course of orders execution, the employees will communicate with the translators of the highest level, receive their help, advices.

Translators of what languages are needed

The Company performs translations from the most common languages, and translations into one or another language are also made. They should be specified in more detail:

  • English, which is the language of international communication;
  • Chinese. The importance of knowledge of the Chinese is growing every year and the trend will continue indefinitely;
  • Portuguese;
  • German.

If the specialist knows other languages, he/she will also have orders. As indicated above, the work can be very different.

Requirements for candidates

For the work mature specialists are needed. Therefore, each candidate must meet a number of requirements:

  • Advanced or higher level is required;
  • Experience of working as a translator is important. It must be at least a year;
  • You need to be able to process documents, correctly execute them;
  • Personal qualities are also required. This focus on the result, the ability to communicate, correctness, the ability to bear responsibility.

Serious advantages of the candidate will be the ability to use programs for translations, perform translations in text form. Cooperation is carried out on the basis of a bilateral agreement.

To get a job, you need to send examples of translations and indicate the relevant foreign language or languages.

The manager on work with clients is the specialist, whose duties include the complex service of clients. The scope of work of manager on work with clients is extensive, but we will familiarize the candidate with the specifics of the activity and direct his/her work to obtain the maximum result. We are looking for a person who is ready with full responsibility and understand the business to interact with clients for the benefit of the Company

I want to be a manager!


Fill out the form and attach your CV and we will contact you!

To obtain a vacancy the candidate shall:

  • have experience in a certain field;
  • provide documentary evidence of the obtained education;
  • be prepared to learn, adapt easily to new circumstances;
  • be able to work in Skype and Gmail, know Excel, Word and PC at advanced level
  • be responsible for the quality of his/her work.

We want to note that the knowledge of English will be an absolute plus!

The Company has an irreproachable reputation and has won a huge part of the market. That is why interaction with clients should be at the highest level.

The duties of manager on work with clients include:

  • conducting negotiations with clients;
  • acquainting clients with the services of the Company, with prices and terms of cooperation;
  • supporting all clients’ orders;
  • controlling over the progress of execution of orders, the terms of their execution;
  • accepting orders and their subsequent distributing to contractors.

The Company takes care of its employees and therefore offers the following conditions:

  • salary (wages) + percentage;
  • probationary period, the time of which depends only on you (your zeal and abilities) - the salary for this period will be 5500 UAH;
  • one week of probation with full support of the company's specialists;
  • comprehensive training of employees and their familiarization with all nuances and rules of work;
  • salary from 8000 to 12000 after the probation passage.

To get a job, you need to pass an interview by sending your CV using the form. Working with us is a great opportunity to realize our potential and raise the level of our knowledge.

Courier's duty is to deliver documentation in Kyiv, submit documents to the ministries and embassies.

I want to be a courier!


Fill out the form and attach your CV and we will contact you!

To get a vacant position, you have to meet the following criteria:

  • to be of age; we can hire a student or a pensioner;
  • to have a good sense of direction in Kyiv;
  • to be punctual and responsible;
  • to be stress resistant.

The company offers the following working conditions:

  • full time;
  • travel card, payment of travel expenses and communication;
  • paid vacation;
  • Probation period – one month;
  • salary based on interview results.

To get a job, send your resume via form and we will invite you for an interview.

At the moment, these are all actual vacancies, but you can send us the CV indicating the position, at which you would like to work at the company Jur Klee.

All CVs are processed, and if there is a suitable vacancy for you, we will contact you!

I want to work in Jur Klee!


Fill out the form and attach your CV.


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