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Translation Agency in Ukraine

Translation Agency is part of the rapidly growing company JUR KLEE, established in 2009. Following the trends of the modern world, the Agency organically combines the culture of customer service, liberal pricing policy and excellent quality of work.

Our company offers full legal support of any order and gives financial guarantee of the quality of the services provided within a strict deadline. We guarantee confidentiality of information by signing nondisclosure agreement.

If you need to translate technical, legal or medical texts - do not hesitate to contact our Agency. We are specialized in high-quality and prompt translation of documents into more than forty languages.

The cost of translation of documents

All details on the cost of translation documents you can view at this link.

In order to send the documents for translation, fill in and send the form below - "Calculate the cost!" and we will contact you shortly after. The term of execution of the order is from one working day.

What cities and countries do we work in?

We are located in Kyiv, but the scope of our Agency covers all major cities of Ukraine, such as Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Odesa, Zaporizhzhia, and almost all countries (106 countries were involved in the work in 2018). Delivery of translated documents is carried out by courier services in any city or country. You can learn more about delivery documents in the Delivery section.

Principles our Agency in the translation of documents 

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We appreciate the standards of work which we follow and constantly improve. Customer requirements for us are above all, that is why we have developed our principles:

  • qualified assistance in the organization of optimal conditions of documentary supply of business, education and science in 40 languages;
  • personnel policy of the translation Agency, which includes selection on a competitive basis of freelance employees, native speakers who provide translation of documents. The staff includes professionals with extensive experience and specialization in each individual industry;
  • the Agency provides financial guarantees of quality of services in the field of technical, legal document, medical translations and localization of websites
  • JUR KLEE is not only high-quality services of translators, whether a native speaker or a freelance employee, it is also a guarantee of translations documets within the agreed terms and legal support of each order;
  • translation Agency guarantees confidentiality of information in the process of translation document. By contacting our center, the customer can be sure that all data is protected by a nondisclosure agreement.

The system of work of JUR KLEE

Our Agency works according to the following order execution scheme:

  1. Selection of a specialist, taking into account their specialization and experience in performing similar tasks. The specificity of some works suggests the possibility of the quality performance only by native speakers.
  2. In-depth analysis of a particular order, study of the terms and writing style.
  3. Our services, in addition to translation of documents, include the work of proofreader and editor.
  4. We provide professional text design of the finished material, as well as processing of materials of any complexity, including barely discernible originals of drawings, diagrams and graphs.
  5. JUR KLEE is ready to provide services for the preparation of the layout taking into account the desired method of printing.
  6. Our Translation Agency provides free courier at any stage of the translation document.

Providing services of the highest quality, we help the customer with the solution of vital and business issues. Help of our translators is a good chance to get on the right path to realize your goals in all spheres of life. Having chosen the Translation Bureau JUR KLEE, you will see that excellent quality, short terms of execution, first-class service and liberal prices can be combined with the help of our company!

24 Jan 2019, 15:51
Демидов Михаил
Добрый вечер! Делаете ли Вы перевод документов на японский язык? Спасибо!

Здравствуйте, Михаил!

Мы переводим документы на японский язык, стоимость 400 грн за номинальную страницу. Напишите на почту нашему менеджеру irina.mandryk@jurklee.ua и она Вам поможет в данном вопросе. Хорошего дня!

24 Jan 2019, 16:33
Пашаев Борис

24 Jan 2019, 15:46
Спасибо за переводы! Долго искала бюро переводов в Харькове, по почте работать долго, но попробовала сотрудничество с Юркли и довольна результатом в нескольких крупных проектах!!!

19 Dec 2018, 16:57
Нужен перевод документов для иммиграции в канаду!!!!! к кому обращатся зп консультацией!!??

Добрый вечер, Елена. Напишите на почту нашему менеджеру irina.mandryk@jurklee.ua и она Вам поможет в данном вопросе. Хорошего дня!

19 Dec 2018, 17:18
Пашаев Борис

19 Dec 2018, 16:32
Заказывал перевод документов, город Одесса. Изза доставки почтой дело шло медленнее, но при этом не было ошибок. В прошлые разы приходилось документацию отправлять обратно для исправления и это занимало еще больше времени и ненужные расходы! Рекомендую эту фирму для сотрудничества!
‌ ‌

12 Aug 2015, 20:16
Огромная благодарность за профессионализм и скорость.Договорились за 10 дней несрочно,а фирма уложилась в 8. Рекомендую и советую много не обзванивать других фирм. Здесь знают свое дело и цена лучшая!!! Здоровья сотрудникам фирмы и благодарных здоровых клиентов!!)))