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Recruiting in IT

Any company is built around a team. In turn, the level of qualification of specialists directly affects the efficiency. Do you need to form a better team? Jur Klee in cooperation with the WE_CHALLENGE team knows how to do it and is ready to implement it!

Why do we recommend this company?

WE_CHALLENGE team has been in the business of finding technological talents, mainly in the IT sphere, since the inception of the industry. Since 2012, the team has organized 10 hackathons, 6 conferences, 14 championships for developers, 4 IT forums and 21 meetups. They were attended by over 16,000 talented developers.

WE_CHALLENGE work consists of the following steps:

· You provide a description of what you want to get in the end;

· The team creates a list of the most suitable candidates, which consists of participants of the championships recommended by the judges, and experts who have passed the stages of work with the developers of the company;

· Submission of each vacancy for consideration;

· Personal resume of suitable candidates who have expressed a desire to work with you;

· The purpose of an interview.

As a result, you will receive 1- 3 resumes of suitable candidates during the first week of work on your application.

Key features of work with WE_CHALLENGE

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WE_CHALLENGE is sure that to spend 12 hours of working time on interviews with candidates who eventually will not suit you - is not a right decision.

The company is well aware of the price of reputation in our time and communicating with candidates on your behalf, will protect your reputation as its own.

The principle of individual approach allows us to highlight several advantages of working with WE_CHALLENGE team.

1. No need to keep three or four managers on a regular basis, which saves the payroll;

2. Reducing the risk of rejection of the candidate you like. All candidates work only with WE_CHALLENGE and other agencies are not involved in the decision - making process;

3. Preserving the reputation of your organization, the company does everything for candidate to form the opinion about the job, based on information from various sources.

Idea and approach

True motivation comes from believing in an idea. Money does not always determine what a person will do. Challenge, non-trivial task, thirst for self-realization - these and many other factors push talented, creatively-minded specialists to participate in projects.

Of course, material reward is as important as working conditions, but the atmosphere of success and productive activity, belief in the importance of the business that a person is engaged in, is at the forefront. WE_CHALLENGE works with companies that share this approach and are ready to implement it. As a result, the company's community is formed of highly qualified specialists focused on such companies.

WE_CHALLENGE community is:

· Developers are ready to challenge the most ambitious projects and tasks;

· Specialists who constantly pay great attention to their development;

· The winners and participants of the previous Championships, who have passed a long way from the participant to recognition in the industry

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