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Apostille and legalization in the USA

Apostille in USA

All documents issued in USA shall be apostilled in the country of issuance, without it documents are not valid abroad…

Apostille in England

Apostille in England

In connection with the fact that the official London has signed the Hague Convention abolishing the consular legalization of documents – in order to legalize documents for this country it is necessary to…

Apostille in Russia

Apostille in Russia

The legalization and the apostille of notarial documents, judgments, documents of civilian registry offices of the Russian Federation are affixed by 2 ways…

Put the Apostille abroad

Apostille abroad

Apostille – is a stamp which appears on the documents issued by the authorities, agencies or organizations in the countries-participants of the…

Legalization of documents abroad

Legalization abroad

Company "Jur Klee" provides services for the legalization of documents abroad (abroad). If you have documents issued in other countries for their…

03 Apr 2018, 15:05
Здравствуйте! Подскажите в какие сроки модно сделать Апостиль и легализацию решения суда Украины о бракоразводном процессе для Италии? Спасибо!

Добрый день! По данному вопросу обратитесь к нашему менеджеру irina.mandryk@jurklee.ua и она поможет Вам в решении данного вопроса. Хорошего дня!

03 Apr 2018, 15:58
Пашаев Борис


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