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Getting a Residence Permit (Temporary Residence Permit) for foreigners in Ukraine. Speed and reliability are guaranteed!

  •  Maximal speed of preparation (from 15 days).
  •  Absence of queues and time spending.
  •  Guarantee of obtainment – 100%!
  •  Law price and absence of additional payments.
  •  Translation and notarial certification of a passport as a gift!
  •  Special prices for corporate orders.
  •  Preparation of complex package of documents (certifications, translations, insurance).
  •  Consultation.
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Residence Permit Ukraine

*  States fee are not included in the price. The price is not a public offer.
**Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries and Embassies may be increased.

Once faced with the Ukrainian state apparatus, very often there is no desire to ever go back there. If you need to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine – you will have to leave all things, collect all documents, stand in a mass of queues (most likely you will have to take them up early in the morning), spend a lot of time and efforts.

We will unravel the complicated legislative tangle and operatively help you to get a residence permit in Ukraine without difficulties.

Advantages of Residence Permit in Ukraine

Conduct business, earn, study - it's not all bonuses, which are given by a temporary residence permit in Ukraine. Having a residence permit a foreigner is able to:

  • Be served in banks;
  • Bring in his/her car without payment of duties;
  • Be provided with pension payments;
  • Calmly cross borders.

This citizen is equated with an ordinary Ukrainian, but he is unable to participate in elections and acquire lands of agricultural value.

Preparation of a residence permit in Ukraine – what do you need for obtainment

The right to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine is given to foreigners and persons without citizenship at the age of 16 years. The main reason for obtaining a residence permit is the possibility to legalize their presence inside the country. The maximum term for such stay is three years. Further, you must extend the permit validity or to return to the former status.

The most popular types of grounds and documents (reasons):

  • Employment - the required documents is only the employment permit.
  • Family reunion - this method is possible upon the presence of citizenship or residence permit at one of the family members, then it is necessary to attach the marriage certificate and the copy of the passport of the person, who is the inviting party in the process of obtaining a residence permit.

You can call us for prior consultation, our lawyer will help to determine with the grounds for registration of a residence permit.

Order the lawyer’s call free of charge!

Order the call

Also you can obtain a residence permit for the following reasons:

  • Study - the entry is carried out under the visa, issued in accordance with the application from Ministry of Education.
  • Sermons in organizations of religious direction - the preacher enters in the state under the visa in accordance with the application of State Committee of Religions.
  • Work in the representation of a foreign company - from the company are required the application, the documents about accreditation by Ministry of Justice.
  • Implementation of technical projects of international assistance - applies only to the official ICC treaties.
  • Volunteer, cultural, scientific or educational activities – the concluded contracts are required.
  • Journalistic activity - you need the application from the media and the Ukrainian government agency, which is responsible for the state policy in the sphere of information.

What documents are required

State Migration Service is engaged in the whole process of obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine. What territorial authority will carry out the registration of a particular foreigner depends on the reason: employment – city direction, family reunion – district direction.

 You need:

  • Document providing grounds for obtaining Temporary Residence Permit;
  • Identifying document (passport, certificate).

 We will do:

  • A citizen’s application;
  • Translation of necessary pages of documents with notarization;
  • We will support upon getting a medical insurance.

The additional list of papers depends on the reasons of registration. If these are marriage relationships a letter of guarantee from a spouse, a proof of his/her incomes and a copy of the marriage certificate are provided. If this is employment – you need the employment permit registered in Employment Center.

The procedure is not limited by submission of documents. You can make one certificate from the list of required documents, but while the second one is prepared, the validity of the first one will elapse and everything will start anew again. Ukrainians themselves do not understand the local bureaucratic rules, therefore, for foreigner it is doubly difficult.

In order to assist you to issue the document, it is sufficiently only passport, we will do the rest independently. Change your status without bureaucratic delays and headaches!

Prepare Residence Permit

Please, send the necessary documents and our manager will contact you within the shortest terms.

Send documents

The services of the Company JurKlee on obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine

Applying to professionals, you get rid of the hassles, which are associated with the choice of medical policy, payment of government fees and charges.

Our services – your advantages:

  • Initial consultation for free. We understand how important for you is to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine, therefore, we are ready to answer your questions.
  • Professional choice of grounds for obtaining a residence permit. All our clients upon obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine get the creative approach to finding grounds for documents submission in State Migration Service.
  • Translation of documents. All translations are kept in our office, and, if necessary, you can get a copy of the translation at any time, even if the original was submitted to the Ministry.
  • Preparation of all documents. We will help you to get a medical insurance policy.
  • The main advantage is your time. You will deal with more important things, while we prepare and submit all documents and pay all state fees and payments.

Another important question - after the document getting it is necessary to put the registration (the registration stamp). The term for the procedure is only 30 days. Here the professional service is required.

Cost of Residence Permit

The cost of a residence permit in Ukraine is 3400 UAH, the term of execution is 15 working days.

The price for obtaining a residence permit does not include state fees (amounts to 854 UAH) and compulsory medical insurance (find out the price of insurance  for foreign citizens).

No more hidden costs and commissions! Notarial certification and translation of a passport as a gift!

Why people chose Jur Klee

Our company is your reliable Ukrainian partner, which can quickly, without delays carry out all procedures. No matter where in the country you are, with us it is elementary to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine. We will help you not only to issue a permit, but also register the place of residence and to advise you on all related matters.

Be calm, we observe all letters of the current legislation, provide a complete data confidentiality. Please, apply in order that a long and exhausting task turned into an operational process with your minimal participation.

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Здравствуйте, Ирина!

К сожалению, получить вид на жительство в Украине при покупке недвижимости - невозможно. Спасибо за Ваш вопрос, хорошего дня!

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Здравствуйте, Юлия! Наша компания находится в Киеве. Вы можете воспользоваться нашими услугами дистанционно. Чтобы получить более детальную информацию, напишите на почту нашему менеджеру alena.kotlyarenko@jurklee.ua.

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