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Bankruptcy Certificate in Ukraine 

Today, in the conditions when the transparency and the openness in business is becoming more and more popular, the presence of such document as the bankruptcy certificate is desirable upon registration of the majority of contracts and agreements.

With it, should be taken into account the fact that the situation, where this document is required, is not limited exclusively to contracts signing.

Usually the Bankruptcy Certificate is required for the participation in tenders or contracts conclusion with large companies. We offer you applying us for getting the bankruptcy certificate.

Terms and price of getting the bankruptcy certificate

Bankruptcy certificate1 day250 UAH
Extract about bankruptcy (Extract)1 day250 UAH

*the price is not a public offer.
**Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries may be increased.

Also for different purposes together with the bankruptcy certificate you may be required the police clearance certificate.

Order the certificate!

Please, fill out the form for the service order. If you don’t know what document is necessary for the certificate preparation, please, fill out the field “phone” and "email", and we will call you back!

Send documents

Presence of the bankruptcy certificate is your trump

This legal document certifies that at the moment of its issuance a legal or a physical person is not in the bankruptcy process and no legal proceedings were initiated in its relation. You are required the bankruptcy certificate in the following situations:

  • Upon the application submission for participation in tenders for public or commercial purchases;
  • For the participation in auctions and competitions;
  • In the court – very often there are the cases when in the course of a legal proceeding both in economic and civil court the judge may require the confirmation that your company is not a bankrupt;
  • Upon signing contracts and agreements. In order to prevent frauds and economic machinations very often upon agreements signing the counterparties require the certificate presence;

Types of bankruptcy certificates

As of today, there are two types of documents confirming that you are not a bankrupt. They should clearly be distinguished in order to avoid mistakes and confusions:

  1. Information certificate about bankruptcy is designated exclusively for the enterprises, which are registered in Kiev. This type of certificate is issued by Senior Administration of Core Ministry.
  2. Extract about bankruptcy from the Common Register of Enterprises (Extract about absence of the bankruptcy case) is issued by Regional Administration of Justice on a standard form with water signs and holograms and doesn’t depend on the place of registration and the ownership form of the enterprise.


You can get the gratuitous consultation by phones:


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Procedure and necessary documents

Bankruptcy registration in UkraineFor the certificate preparation you shall have or send us:

  • EDRPOU (Common State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine) code (if a company is a legal entity);
  • Identification Code (for SEA (Subjects of Entrepreneurial Activity).

For issuance of Extract about Bankruptcy you will be also required the same documents.

If you very urgently need the document, which confirms that your company is not a bankrupt – it is wiser to apply us for getting the certificate within the shortest terms.

For a moderate fee you can quickly and without troubles get the bankruptcy certificate.

How to quickly get the bankruptcy certificate?

All that you need to do is:

  1. To fill out the form of documents sending on this link
  2. After this our manager will contact you and discuss all details
  3. After getting the bankruptcy certificate we will transfer it to you.

What to do if you are not living in Kiev?

You can easily get the bankruptcy certificate, all that you need to do is to send the correspondent document for the certificate getting.

We will perform all other actions, and we can send you the bankruptcy certificate to email or by a courier in the convenient for you time.

15 Feb 2016, 09:56
Доброе утро! Я сейчас заграницей, нужна справка о банкротстве сегодня до 17:00, сможете сделать? Выслать нужно ее на e-mail потом (с которого я оставляю комментарий). Жду ответа!!

Добрый день, Андрей! Справку сможем сделать если Вы сделаете предоплату 50% от стоимость услуги в течении часа-двух. Все детали отправил на почту.

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