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Get police clearance certificate in NikolayevThe absence or the presence of conviction can be confirmed only by the correspondent document issued by the authorities of internal affairs. First of all it is necessary to issue such certificate for trip abroad.

The police clearance certificate in Nikolayev is issued after the application submission to the authorities of MIA (Ministry of Internal Affairs), the passport copy is attached to the application.

Terms and Price

Notwithstanding that the document is called-for enough in all spheres, especially abroad, you will fail to get it quickly yourself. The term of your application examination and the document preparation upon the personal application to Nikolayev MIA (Ministry of Internal Affairs) constitutes two weeks, and taking into account the frequent need for the further certification, translation, apostille putting, it is quite significant period of time.

We can assist you in getting and further preparing the police clearance certificate for the presentation in any country much quicker:

Certificate4-5 work. days*UAH 475
3 work. day*UAH 555
1-2 work. days*UAH 700

*terms are specified without taking into account the day of ordering the service.
**price includes cost of our services.
***the price is not a public offer.
****deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministry may be increased.

Order the certificate!

Please, attach the passport and ITN copy to the form, we take upon ourselves the remainder!

Get the certificate

How to order the police clearance certificate in Nikolayev?

We will help you in preparing the police clearance certificate in Nikolayev, simply apply us by skype, phone, е-mail, or through the form given on the right.

You need to attach to the application the copy of the 1st and the 2nd pages of the passport and the page with registration and copy of ITN.

Notwithstanding that our office is located in Kiev, upon the cooperation with us you will save:


Checking the fact of conviction or non-conviction is carried out according to the unified database in Kiev. We transfer your documents for the obtainment of required certificate directly to the ministry, which considerably shortens the term of the document issuance. If you are applying to government agencies in your region, the police clearance certificate is prepared by the request to the Senior Administration of MIA (Ministry of Internal Affairs) in Kiev, therefore, its preparation requires more time.


The documents legalization for migration in Kiev is carried out in embassies. If you are applying to local companies – they, in their turn, are applying to our or analogical company in the capital for your document execution. Thus, you pay for the intermediary’s services in Kiev and for the services of local organization. We perform the preparation ourselves – without additional intermediary companies.

We guarantee the integrity and the safety of the police clearance certificate (Nikolayev and region), because we are sure in our partners – the reliable courier companies.

We work quickly and qualitatively and are always happy to assist you!

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