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Director of Translation Bureau Jur Klee – Pashaev BorisI am glad to welcome you on the website of Jur Klee – the Bureau of translation and legalization of documents. My name is Boris Pashaev and I am the Company Director.

If you are a notary – this information will be at least interesting for you from the point of view of obtaining additional revenue from your clients.

What can you get upon the collaboration with us?

I offer you the mutually advantageous collaboration in the field of translations, notarization and legalization of documents on the following services:

  • Getting of individual tax number for foreigners
  • ПTranslations of passports
  • Apostille and legalization of documents abroad
  • Repeated obtainment of documents and others.

Let’s explain on practice the essence of our collaboration.

Situation No. 1: Issuance of the Power of attorney for real estate purchase in Ukraine

Imagine that a foreigner applies to you, who has just arrived in Ukraine for the purchase of real estate in our country. For carrying out the transaction you are required:

  • The translation of his/her passport into Ukrainian;
  • The availability of Ukrainian individual tax number.

The variants of your actions will be as follows.

 Variant No. 1

You tell the client that he/she needs to get the code and make the passport translation, then he should come to you and make the necessary for him Power of attorney.

 Variant No. 2

You say that to carry out the transaction you need to get the code and to make the passport translation. A person leaves you the passport copy and you issue the Power of attorney for ITN obtainment on the name of our employees, and as soon as we get the code - you arrange the deal.

Let’s examine your possible profit in these situations:

  1. You have consulted the client, he/she goes for the necessary documents registration (ITN and the passport copy). Someone advises him or her, or he/she finds himself/herself a company or another notary, which will do all for him/her together. Foreigners appreciate a sound approach to solving the problem, with it saving money for them is not the main factor when choosing a specialist.
  2. A person has made ITN independently, found out the translation bureau, which made the passport translation for him/her, and he/she paid you only for the Power of attorney.
  3. The client pays for:
    - the Power of attorney for getting ITN (the Power of attorney on the name of our employees) – about 300 UAH;
    - the passport translation with its notarization – 50 UAH (Your remuneration);
    - ITN getting – 150 UAH (Your remuneration);
    - the contract registration – about 300 UAH (the cost is according to your price-list).

    In total, you profit upon the collaboration with us will constitute 800 UAH.

Situation No. 2: Inheritance registration

Imagine that a citizen of Ukraine has come to you, at whom a relative died in Germany, who left him the inheritance. The client has the death certificate issued in Germany, accordingly, it is necessary:

  • To put the Apostille in Germany for Ukraine;
  • To make the translation into Ukrainian.

The variants of your actions

 Variant No. 1

You tell the client, "Sorry, but I cannot carry out the transaction, because the apostille stamp of Germany is absent on the document. You need to go to Germany, where to apostille the certificate, to translate it into the Ukrainian language, and then come with this document to me".

Consequences: the client makes the apostille and the translation on their own and come to you only for the registration of inheritance. At worst, he/she will find another notary, who will provide for complete documents registration (together with the apostille and the translation into Ukrainian).

 Variant No. 2

You take the certificate at the client, after this the process looks like this:

  • We put the apostille in Germany, and you get the remuneration - 20-30 Euros.
  • We make the document translation and notarization, you are getting 100 UAH.
  • You get with guarantee the client, who makes the main transaction – introduction into inheritance.

In total, your profit from our collaboration is 20-30 Euros + 100 UAH.

How did we come to this and why it is really important?

This offer was developed at us after the numerous clients’ requests, who came from notaries, who could not provide them with a full range of necessary services.

Our mutual work is aimed at the service improving, maintenance of the client, who has already addressed you, as well as obtaining additional remuneration without any difficulties from your side.

You do not need to have the couriers, which will submit documents in ministries and embassies, established contacts for documents apostillization abroad. Take advantage of our groundworks in this field and get additional revenue.

How to contact us?

If you were interested in this offer – please, contact us so that we could explain to you in detail the essence of such services rendering and the details of our cooperation. Please, write to yana1287@gmail.com the letter with the subject "Cooperation" or click on the button "Know the details of cooperation" and fill out the form. Then the manager will contact you and discuss all main nuances, as well as will send the partner price.

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