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The Director and the Owner of Translation Bureau Jur Klee – Boris PashaevDear colleagues, I am the Director of the company JUR KLEE - Boris Pashaev, I am glad to welcome you on our website.

The information given below, will be interesting for translation bureaus and companies operating in the field of migration and travels.

Why 100 Ukrainian companies have chosen us

Since 2009, we began to work in the partner market of legalization and translation of documents. Then we collaborated with one or two companies, for which we submitted documents in ministries of Kiev.

Today, the number of our partners reached 100 companies from all over Ukraine. These are the companies of various profiles and scopes, ranging from the firms - translation bureaus, which send up to 5 documents per a week, to large, well-established in the market companies, in which the documents turnover flowing through us, constitutes about 15 documents per a day.

With the increase of the number of companies, which work with us, we are constantly extending the staff of employees ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the company.

As of today JUR KLEE – this is:

 Partner Department

  • 3 managers
  • Full consultation by the convenient for you way (phone, email, skype)
  • Documents acceptance and full advice about the legalization stage upon request


  • 4 couriers
  • Everyday submission of documents in all ministries and embassies*

*we are going in some embassies every day, among them the UAE, China, Italy. If necessary, we are going in others.

 Clients Department

  • 4 managers
  • We are always ready to help in case of a large flow of documents in the Partner Department
  • If necessary, we can consult you on any interesting for you procedure

Our duties include:

  • A quick consultation on the issues of:

- Procedure. If your manager is not acquainted with the legalization procedure for a certain country – we consult on all details and price.

- Readiness of a certain document, which is in our work

  • Uninterrupted work on documents acceptance by any convenient for you way. You can find out the ways of documents sending on the page Delivery.
  • Documents submission in ministries, embassies in Ukraine and outside its limits (every day we are submitting more then 100 documents).
  • On various changes in ministries and embassies on terms, prices, procedures we inform through emails, which receive our partners all over Ukraine. Thus, we minimalize the cases, when you may misinform a client on the main moments of legalization. We will be always in the course of last news and changes.

The main advantage is the postpayment!


All our partners are sending all money (duty + our services on each document) at the end of a certain reporting period: 1 week, 2 weeks, a month*.
You no longer need to send money with documents every day.

*the possibility and the term of postpayment are discussed individually

One more great "YES" upon working with us

Thanks to the large partnership network you will provide your services in any region of Ukraine at competitive prices. Thus, for example, while working with us, you can certify certificates in the main administration of justice of the region or discover documents of Civilian Registry Offices in any regional center. For our services we charge only a small fee, and from our many partners, which can provide you with the service, we select the most advantageous offer for you. At the same time, we are an original guarantor of the documents security, thus protecting you from dishonorable and unverified companies.

We are constantly extending the list of services in the field of employment and business-migration and we offer you to use our groundworks to provide clients with a full range of services, which may be required for him upon the departure abroad, or for a foreigner upon the entrance in Ukraine.

We can successfully collaborate!

I hasten to note that we do not agitate you to throw your current partners and work with us. Our task is to tell you about our services and your possibilities, which you can get by working with us. You are completely independent in decision-making and the decision about who to work with - it is exclusively your decision.

What is necessary for the collaboration with our company?

We do not require from our partners any financial contributions, as well as our prices are not tied to the documents turnover, therefore, all our partners are in the same conditions. Also, we do not require the conclusion of cooperation agreements (if necessary we can conclude them).

Just call in our office and tell that you want to collaborate with us on the partnership terms. You will be assigned by the personal manager, who will be the whole day with you in touch and can answer all your questions.

I want to get the partnership price