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Translation of passport from Translation Bureau Jur Klee: prices, translation of documents

Notwithstanding the modern technologies of person’s identification, just the passport at each of us is the main personal document, this document still remains necessary in everyday situations.

Often with the necessity of presentation of the passport copy or original, its translation from/into a foreign language is required.

When the passport translation shall be made?

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In the majority of cases to make the qualitative passport translation you will need not only the usual text certified by a translation bureau, but the notarized passport translated according to the rules of legal translation.

The list of more actual reasons, for which our compatriots need to translate their passports:

  • Getting the citizenship in another country;
  • Confirmation of legal transactions;
  • Carrying out offshore banking transactions;
  • Registration of offshore transactions.

The Ukrainian translation is required for foreign citizens upon carrying out the following procedures in the territory of Ukraine:

  1. Getting ITN (Individual Tax Number), citizenship.
  2. Conclusion of any contracts, agreements.
  3. Employment.
  4. Registration of certificates (Birth, Marriage Certificate etc.).

Some nuances of passport translation

To make the translation correctly, without unpleasant surprises and unnecessary work, you first need to entrust this difficult business to professionals. However, the holders themselves should know about some niceties of passport translation.

The specialist should without a selective approach: the addition or omission of information, make the passport translation into the necessary for you language. The data, which do not always require the obligatory translation – these are the stamps about borders crossings, marks of border services and pasted visas.

To make the qualitative translation of the passport into the Ukrainian language helps the available in the majority of passports around the world the English text. Thanks to this if the translation is made from any rare language, it is quite permitted as a basis for the available in it English double.

For a more accurate translation of the name and the surname of the Ukrainian citizen the experienced professionals are guided by their spelling in the international passport. This ensures the uniformity of proper names when filling out questionnaires, statements and their translation.

Entrust the passport translation to professionals

Our team «JUR KLEE» has first-hand knowledge of all these and other nuances of the passport translation. Because we are providing such services to individuals, as well as to domestic and foreign organizations for over 5 years. Our clients can easily solve many personal and professional problems due to our efficiency and quality of service.

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