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birth certificate translation

Sample of translated birth certificate

A birth certificate is an important document, especially if you are going to move or work abroad. It may be required for the consulate of the country where you are going, also, it is necessary for foreign employers or obtaining citizenship.

Before it is presented to international institutions, it is necessary to undergo the procedure of apostillization or legalization (the apostille stamp is affixed for the countries-participants of the Hague Convention, consular legalization is for the others). In both cases, it is necessary to make the translation of birth certificate into the official language of the country of destination.

How to correctly translate the certificate?

The correct translation of document shall include the following elements:

  1. The translation of the text inside stamps and seals, the certificate text is fully translated from the both sides (if on the reverse side is the seal of the Regional Administration of Justice – it must be also translated).
  2. The structure of the translated document shall be maximally approximated to the original.
  3. We agree on your full name, since there are cases when names or surnames have different variants of writing in Latin.
  4. At the end the translation notarization is made, if necessary.

Note that if the mistake is made in the translated document, the ministry and the consulate return it, so it is very important to immediately make the correct translation of the birth certificate, which will save your time considerably.

Cost of translation into main languages

Be acquainted with our prices on translation into main languages, as well as with the service on notarization:

Attention! The price in the table is indicated for 1800 symbols of the translation (nominal page), minimum order is 1 nominal page . Approximate price check with the manager.


               Language   Price
English120 UAH*
Chinese300 UAH*
German150 UAH*
Spanish150 UAH*
Russian70 UAH*
Notarization of translation150 UAH*
Notarization of translation (urgent)170 UAH*

*the exact cost is calculated upon the translation readiness
**the price is not a public offer

If you didn’t find the necessary language – navigate on the detailed page with prices on translation services.

Order the translation of birth certificate in JurKlee!

Our company has 6 years of experience in translation of documents. We employ only qualified and experienced translators who know the nuances of translating such documents. We make the translation in various directions: from medical to technical translation.

Also, if you have lost the certificate, we can discover the birth certificate repeatedly. Order the translation of your documents at us into more than 45 languages of the world!

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