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Translation of document for submission to embassy

Many of our citizens eventually apply to embassies with various questions. This may be both for obtaining a visa, continuing education abroad and for filing for permanent residence.

In all these cases it is necessary to provide various types of documents, from copies of passports to states of your bank accounts. Almost all documents, which you will submit to embassies or consulates shall be translated into the official language of the country of this embassy. We offer you to translate documents for embassy in the company JurKlee.

Importance of correct translation of documents

One cannot underestimate such a process as translation of official documents for their submission to embassy. The employees of these organizations are often very pedantic and verify literally every character of the translated text. So the existence of discrepancies (for example, incorrect transliteration of passport or certificate translation) is unacceptable. Otherwise, the authority refuses in consular certification of the submitted documents, and you have to prepare documents again.

In what cases the translation for embassy is necessary

Now, the most common cases when you need to submit translated documents to embassies are as follows:

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  • For documents legalization in consulate. In all countries, which require consular legalization of documents, upon their submission to embassy the translation is necessary. There is also a number of countries, which in addition to the apostilled documents require additional certification of documents at consulate, for example, Italy, France, Spain, Germany and others.
  • For documents submission for visa obtainment. Usually, at this step, you need to collect a lot of different documentation and to submit its originals and translated notarized copies.

Cost of translation of certificates and other documents for embassies in Ukraine

The price of translation of a certain document (references, certificates, etc.) firstly depends on the language, into which you need to make the transaction. Also, the different cost have the variants of translation with the help of accredited/sworn translator.

To help you better orientate how much will cost the translation of documents for visa, we have compiled the following table:

LanguagePrice for 1800 signs
(nominal page)**
English120 UAH
German150 UAH
French150 UAH
Italian150 UAH
Spanish150 UAH

*the price is not a public offer.
**minimum order is 1 nominal page.

Please, see the costs of documents translation into other languages on the prices page.

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Why it is important to choose the best translation bureau

In the field of documents translation, as in any other, errors in the documentation preparation may be very expensive. For example, an error in the translation of documents for the UAE Embassy may cost more than 2000 UAH. (given the big consular fee of the institution). Therefore, we advise you to contact the translation bureau JurKlee.

We cooperate only with highly qualified translators and support appropriate quality of documents translation and take into account all wishes of client.

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