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If you wish to continue you education abroad or you have been offered a wonderful job, but not in your country - you close face the problem of the translation of your documents into the language of the country, in which you are going to go.

For working and studying abroad you will need to translate your educational document. It seems to be nothing problematic in this, we take a diploma, the translator and translate. But when you personally face the text translation - everything becomes much more difficult.

Difficulties and specific of a diploma translation

Since this document must be correctly prepared not only in its linguistic part, but also from a legal side, the advices of more than one specialist are required. All that is written in your document, words, expressions, seals, various marks - everything must be translated from the Ukrainian language into foreign one. If there is the supplement to the main document, it must also be present and be translated.

What to do if you want to make it independently?

To make the notarized translation of the diploma you need:

  • To find out the translator, who on the basis of the document nature and style will do for you the exact and qualitative text summary in another language;
  • Certify the translation of a diploma from a notary;
  • To submit the documents for a job getting or admission in the educational institution.

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If you want that your educational document in a foreign language was legally justified, you have to certify it in a notary office. The persons, who are engaged in documents certification, must obligatorily go also with the translator. Nowadays, the diploma translation, notarized by the lawyer, it is an urgent necessity. Because without your certification of educational institution graduation in foreign language the world of education and a good job abroad will be closed for you.

Why it is easier to translate a diploma at us?

Translation Bureau Jur Klee is able to make your life much easier in this task solution. In our company you can translate the diploma and any other text into 45 foreign languages, by using the advices of our lawyers, both in the office and by phone. With our services you will get the desired documentation in a proper form within the minimal shortest terms. At us you can also notarize the document. When our specialists do their job - it is always of high quality and quickly, and our accumulated experience and professionalism maximally transmit all sense of the content on the text paper.

At us are working only professional translators, and our company is proud of the fact that it employs the people with such level of knowledge. To translate into another language Master Diploma, Bachelor Diploma, Diploma of Candidate or Doctor of Sciences (PhD degree) - for Jur Klee is the loved work, which we excellently manage.

17 Sep 2015, 13:18
Добрый день! Мне необходимо сделать перевод на английский диплома о высшем образовании (два диплома - специалиста и магистра, и два додатка), двух трудовых книжек (на меня и другого человека) + справки из банка по одной странице 3 штуки. Плюс заверить эти переводы нотариально. Вы ведь беретесь за такие заказы? Как быстро можно ожидать перевод? Документы могу привезти завтра утром.

Здравствуйте, Антон! Перевод диплома (пластик) на английский - 50 грн/док., приложение (додаток) к диплому - 60 грн/1800 знаков, перевод трудовых книжек также по 60 грн/1800 знаков, так как это не стандартный документ. Перевод справок из банка по такому же тарифу, как и диплом. Нотариальное заверение - 85 грн. Срок выполнения зависит от загруженности переводчиков. Если хотите заказать сейчас - позвоните к нам и мы ответим как со сроками ситуация обстоит на сейчас.

17 Sep 2015, 13:31
Пашаев Борис

Если при переводе справки о несудимости, подшивается только её копия, а не сама справка, такой перевод считается действительным во всех странах?

21 Oct 2015, 02:25

Игорь, все зависит от требований принимающей стороны. Для какой страны Вам нужен перевод?

21 Oct 2015, 09:37
Пашаев Борис


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