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Example of nostrificated school certificate

Nosification of the school certificate will be required if you have a foreign education and plan to work in Ukraine at a prestigious position or continue your education in Ukraine. The procedure is carried out in Ministry of Education.

What is the procedure of nostrification of school certificate in Ukraine?

Nostrification has a simpler and more understandable synonym - the legalization of a foreign document in Ukraine. A number of procedures are carried out, their result is full legal recognition of the document about education in Ukraine. Very often, for work in state authorities, the recognition of a school certificate issued in another country is required.

Nosification of the school certificate leads to the fact that in legal terms this document does not differ from that, which was issued in any Ukrainian school. Therefore, with it you can boldly enter any university, be employed, as well as in any other situation confirm your complete secondary education.

Terms and prices of the service

The cost of the nostrification of the school certificate in Ukraine depends on the urgency of this service. The legal certification of the document for employment and study also differs in cost.

Nostrification of the school certificate (Ukraine)60 working days4231 UAH
50 working days4721 UAH
40 working days5131 UAH
5, 10, 20 working days*check with the manager
Comparative analysis of subjects30 working days2700 UAH
10 working days3300 UAH

*the possibility to complete the procedure for shorter period of time you will be able to say after initial examination of your documents.

**the price is not a public offer.
***Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministry may be increased.

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Stages of nostrification

The process of certification of a foreign school certificate in Ukraine is a laborious procedure, it is carried out in several stages:

 For nostrification you need to take these steps:

  1. Checking the fact of your study in school, gymnasium, college or other secondary educational institution.;
  2. Checking the accreditation of the educational institution, as well as having legal rights for issuing school certificates;
  3. Translation of the school certificate about education received in another country into Ukrainian business language;
  4. Notarization of the performed translation;
  5. Submission of the application for nostrification, together with all attached papers to Ministry of Education.

 For a successful procedure the following documents are required:

  1. Original of the school certificate, as well as its supplement;
  2. Copy of the document confirming the legality of stay in Ukraine. It may be a civil passport or a residence permit;
  3. Duly filled application for nostrification;
  4. Copy of documents about previous education, if any. For example, the certificate about basic secondary education.

*For translation and notarization You can also contact us.

Nostrification with the company Jur Klee – this is simply, conveniently and reliably

The cooperation with us will accelerate the process of recognizing by Ukraine of a foreign school certificate about education and will provide almost 100% probability of successful nostrification. This result is achieved due to:

  • Thorough preparation of documents - we scrupulously check each letter when preparing applications and translations.
  • Upon the comparison of training programs of different countries, professional translators are involved.
  • Documents are duly prepared for filing with the Ministry.

Order the nostrification of school certificate and diploma in Ukraine at the company Jur Klee and be sure in the high speed and quality of our services.

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