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26 March, 2020

How to return from abroad to Ukraine during the COVID-19 pandemic

In the middle of March 2020, due to the rapid spread of coronavirus infection, many states began to close their borders. A state of emergency was declared in most countries. For this reason, hundreds of citizens wishing to return to their homeland immediately began to apply to Ukrainian embassies. Many of those who have applied for return are coming to the end of their legal stay abroad.

Having studied the situation in detail, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine published a list with the most frequent questions and answers. It is prepared specifically for citizens who wish to return home from abroad during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on March 17, the country organized a planned return of Ukrainian citizens from countries such as Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and the Dominican Republic. The list also includes resort Islands located in the Asia-Pacific Region.

In addition, the Ukrainian authorities have created hubs where citizens with a 100% guarantee will be able to return home free or at reduced rates:

  • Prague.
  • Berlin.
  • Vienna.
  • Bratislava.
  • Dubai, Abu Dhabi.
  • Riga, Vilnius.
  • Istanbul.
  • Warsaw, Przemyśl.

The list of hubs is regularly updated. Up-to-date information can be found on the portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. It will also provide information on how and from where special flights will be made at a reduced cost with Ukrainian citizens abroad.

Homecoming in questions and answers

What should Ukrainians who want to return to their homeland do if the state border is temporarily closed?

1. The first step is to send an application to the Consulate or Embassy of the country where you are residing. You can do this by calling or sending an email to the specified institutions. It will be required to send your personal data to e-mail, specifying your full name, phone number and the place where you temporarily reside. Another way to contact embassies and consulates is to visit their social media page. You can leave your personal data there, specify your location and inform about your readiness to return to your homeland.

2. Register in the “DRUH” System created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Here you need to enter your personal data, specify your place of reside and tell us in detail about your problem. The information you leave will help MFA find out about your situation faster. After sending the data, you will need to wait for further instructions. When you log in, you may have trouble with registration due to the heavy load of the service. In this case, you should try again.

3. Monitor updates on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine website. There is regularly new data on restrictions that foreign countries impose on border crossings.

How will the lists of citizens who want to return to Ukraine by special flight be formed?

The Consulate and Embassy of the countries where a citizen of Ukraine resides form the lists. You need to send your personal information to the email address of the diplomatic institution, specifying your full name, phone number and place where you temporarily reside. You will receive information about where and when the special flight to Ukraine will be sent. Contact details of all Ukrainian embassies and consulates abroad can be found on the MFA portal.

Is it possible to return to Ukraine by private car if border crossing is temporarily restricted?

Ukrainians can enter the country in their own car, if they are acquainted in detail with the restrictions in the countries through which their route will run. It is also necessary to take into account the working regime of checkpoints on the Ukrainian border. More detailed and up-to-date information on this issue can be found on the New Customs portal.

At the same time, car owners should take into account that the automobile checkpoint Solotvyno does not work these days.

Can I return by plane to Ukraine if the flight is not cancelled by the airline?

On March 17, all international flights were closed in the country until April 3. Currently, the Ministry of Infrastructure is negotiating with a number of airlines about the possibility of organizing special flights. While the information on this issue has not been clarified, the MFA urges citizens not to buy tickets to return to their homeland until April 2, inclusive. Even if they are sold on the portals of well-known airlines.

Who will be banned from entering Ukraine?

Citizens of other states and persons without citizenship who do not have the right to temporary or permanent residence in Ukraine will not be able to enter the country.

Who can enter the country?

Foreigners who have the right to temporarily or permanently stay in the country will be able to enter the territory of Ukraine. The ban will also not apply to the following categories of citizens:

  • Persons who are the family or children of Ukrainian citizens.
  • Employees of foreign diplomatic missions and consulates accredited in Ukraine.
  • Employees performing an official international mission.
  • Employees of a number of organizations accredited in the country.

Entry to Ukraine will also be available to family members of the above-mentioned employees and their service personnel. Exceptions will apply to certain categories of foreigners. The MFA and the State Border Service deal with this issue in detail.

How will the checkpoints work?

According to the decision of the authorities, there are 123 checkpoints in Ukraine. The remaining 107 were closed until April 3. A full list of all closed checkpoints can be found on the Cabinet of Ministers portal.

Do people entering Ukraine need to undergo additional medical examinations?

Anyone who arrives in the country from countries with unfavourable epidemiological situation needs to make the temperature screening on the border. In the future, citizens are sent to home quarantine for up to 2 weeks or, in case of health problems, are sent to the hospital.

Will foreigners driving trucks, transit transport, and members of the ship's crew be able to enter Ukraine?

This category of foreign persons will be allowed to enter the country. Upon arrival, they need to undergo additional medical examinations.

What should I do if the Consulate does not respond to calls and emails?

Due to heavy traffic on hotlines, waiting for a response takes longer than usual. Despite this fact, all incoming calls are necessarily processed. Additionally, you can send a message to the e-mail of the Embassy or Consulate. The e-mail address is listed on the Internet pages of diplomatic institutions.

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