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23 December, 2016

When the visa-free regime with the UAE for Ukraine will come into force?

Specially for our clients, who want to know how to check visa in the UAE we have developed a small instruction with photos.

To check the visa status in the UAE before all you need the ready visa. You can know more about its obtainment on the page devoted to visa obtainment in the Arab Emirates with the help of JurKlee. The check of document authenticity passes on the website of the migration service of the UAE.

  1. For the process of check you need to visit the website of the migration service at the link:
  2. The first you shall do – is to choose the type of service, which you want to receive. For checking it is necessary to choose – ENTRY PERMIT VALIDITY
  1. By turns enter the data necessary for check:
  • EntryPermitNo – number of entry permit.
  • FirstnameinEnglish – Your name in English (without prefix Mr. or Ms.)
  • Gender – select gender. Male or Female.
  • DateofBirth – date of birth in the format dd-mm-yyyy.
  • Nationality– select nationality from the list.
  • Introduce the verification code from the image

The filled out form shall approximately look like this.

All data for filling you will find on the e-mail, which we send to our clients by e-mail.

  1. Click the button «Submit» and receive result.

The green text «ENTRYPERMITISVALIDTOENTERUAEBEFORE» means that the check of visa in the UAE passed successfully. With this visa you can enter the country till the date, which is indicated at the end of this sentence - this is the corridor of use.

After entry you can stay in the territory of the Arab Emirates within the term, which is defined by the visa type (30 or 90 days).

If you received the answer of red text «UNABLE TO PROCESS YOUR REQUEST WITH GIVEN DETAILS» - You were rather wrong during introduction of any data. Simply try again to send the inquiry.

The red text «ENTRYPERMITISNOTVALID» means that the visit of the UAE is prohibited with this visa – its term of validity expired or you have already used it.

We hope that this instruction was understandable and useful for you. If during the visa checking you had difficulties – notify about this your manager and he will obligatorily help you with the check!

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