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26 July, 2016

For a sufficiently long time in Ukraine was a problem with the lack of marks for affixing Apostille stamp by Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. At the same time, this situation was repeated constantly, the institution delayed documents within 5-10 days instead of to issue legalized papers the next day.

In this regard, it was decided to cancel Apostille marks and to use the seal (stamp) in the old way. Externally apostilled documents look like this:

The institution may affix the seal or marks, in both cases, the document will be considered properly apostilled (it depends on whether there are marks at a particular department of Ministry of Justice).

It is worth noting that the apostille still remained “electronic”, its authenticity can be verified through the official website of the Ministry. Brief instructions on the page Electronic Apostille.

We continue to share with you the novelties from the world of documents legalization.

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