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The document confirming that you are clean before the law in any country of the world is a police clearance certificate. However, so that you can provide this document abroad, it is necessary to issue it appropriately. It should be noted that for each country this procedure may differ – the apostille on police clearance certificate or the consular legalization.

We are engaged in the service "Legalization of police clearance certificate" not the first year and we can easily advise you the correct order of legalization, as well as to help with the paperwork.

Procedure of Certificate Legalization

The legalization of police clearance certificate is carried out in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, with it the legalization stamp is put directly on the document original.

ОVery often we are addressed with the inquiry to legalize the copy of police clearance certificate, and in such case it should be noted that if you are required the legalized copy of police clearance certificate – it is necessary to pass the following procedure for this:

  • Original legalization
  • Copy certification (possibly with the translation)
  • Copy legalization

Price and Terms

Below is provided the cost of full procedure on the legalization of police clearance certificate by stages.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs450 UAH
700 UAH
Translation and certification120 UAH (English) + 150 UAH
Ministry of Justice + Ministry of Foreign Affairs700 UAH
950 UAH

*the price is not a public offer.
**Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries and Embassies may be increased.

Free delivery!

Get the delivery of documents for Kiev for FREE*!

*free delivery of documents is carried out in Kiev to the metro station.

Advice on legalization

As seen as the document original was legalized, the document translation shall be sewed not to the copy, but to the original, and this translation shall be further legalized – such procedure is called the double legalization.

Double legalization of police clearance certificate

According to our many-years practice the majority of the world countries, which have not signed the Hague Convention, accept police clearance certificates drawn just through the double legalization. Only for some countries the single legalization is suitable (on the original). One of these countries is Brazil, which don’t accept the translation made in Ukraine, and after putting the stamp of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the document is directly submitted in the Embassy.

Some more useful advices

  • Restrictions on terms. The police clearance certificate has the term of validity (depending on the authority accepting the document – up to 6 months). Therefore, be sure to take this into account and if possibly do a clearance certificate closer to the date of its presentation abroad.
  • What certificate is suitable? In Ukraine 2 types of police clearance certificates are issued – with the Official Seal and with the seal “For Certificates” (to get the examples of these documents, as well as to order the police clearance certificate you may at us on the web-page: https://jurklee.ua/en/spravka_o_nesudimosti/).

According to the practice of documents preparation for use of a police clearance certificate abroad it is better for our client to get the certificate with the Official Seal. Many countries don’t accept certificates with the seal “For Certificates”?

To see how the legalization of a police clearance certificate looks like is the possibility on the page "Documents Legalization", where are presented the scans of various documents legalization.


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Здравствуйте, Михаил! Да, сможем Вам помочь. Легализация справки об отсутствии судимости для Катара не отличается от легализации для других стран. Обращайтесь!

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