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consular legalization for Qatar

Qatar has become an attractive country where you can move and get a well-paid job. To do this, it is necessary to carry out the consular legalization of documents for Qatar, so that they can be used in this country.

The essence of the procedure is that after the documents are certified by the ministry, they must be submitted to the Embassy of Qatar for recognition in the country.

How passes the process of documents legalization in Qatar?

Since Qatar is not the country-participant of the Hague Convention, for it the consular legalization of documents is possible. It consists of the following stages:

  1. Legalization of papers in the relevant ministries of Ukraine;
  2. Translation of documents;
  3. Notarization of translation;
  4. Certification in the Embassy of Qatar in Kiev.

Since this process is very time-consuming because it is necessary to visit ministries, stand in queues, fill out a lot of forms - we recommend to contact our company, we have a very extensive experience in the field of legalization for different countries.

What documents can be legalized?

The list of papers, which can be legalized, looks like this:

  • Diplomas, certificates from higher educational institutions, school certificates and other educational documents;
  • Certificates of civilian registry offices;
  • Police clearance certificates, medical certificates and other documents of physical persons;
  • Articles of association, registration certificates, extracts and other statutory documents of legal entities;
  • Contracts, agency and trade agreements;
  • Licenses, certificates and other certificates.

To legalize documents!

Send us your documents, which shall be legalized for Qatar!

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What is necessary to legalize documents for Qatar?

You need to do only 2 simple steps:

  1. To issue the power of attorney for the employees of our company;
  2. To present the original or the notarized copy of document. Let’s note that for each paper exists its own procedure of legalization. For example, certificates of civilian registry offices shall be presented in original, diplomas, school certificates shall be notarized.

Pay attention! To diploma legalization it is also necessary to legalize the certificate from university, before it was sufficiently to simply bring it upon submission to the Embassy.

Terms and price of documents legalization in Qatar

In the table are indicated the data for legalization of 1 document:

Certificate in MFA + MinJust3 w.d.895 UAH
6 w.d.700 UAH
Certification in the Embassy of QatarAbout 5 w.d.27 € (doc. of physical persons)
About 5 w.d.74 € (legal doc.)

*in the table is indicated the price for standard document.

**the price is not a public offer.

***the terms of documents examination by Ministries and Embassies may be increased.

How the legalized document in Qatar looks like?

Below are given the examples of executed papers for Qatar, which were translated, certified in Ministries of Ukraine, and then the seal of embassies was affixed on the notarized translation.

25 Sep 2017, 11:28
Добрый день, мне нужно легализовать справку о несудимости для Катара и свидетельство о браке, Вы сможете сделать это?

Добрый день, Игорь! Да, мы сможем легализовать свидетельство о браке и справку о несудимости для Катара! Отправьте свои документы на почту elena.kovalchuk@jurklee.ua и мы запустим процесс легализации в Катар. Спасибо за вопрос, хорошего дня!

25 Sep 2017, 11:32
Пашаев Борис

21 Sep 2017, 11:13
Добрый день. Мне необходимо легализовать диплом для Катара, подскажите пожалуйста что нужно для этого?

Добрый день, Антон! Чтобы легализовать диплом для Катара необходимо предоставить справку с ВУЗа, которую также необходимо легализовать. По итогу для легализации диплома в Катар Вам нужно 2 документа: диплом и справка с университета. По другим вопросам пишите на почту alla.soga@jurklee.ua. Спасибо за вопрос, хорошего дня!

21 Sep 2017, 11:22
Пашаев Борис

20 Sep 2017, 10:52
Добрый день. Мне необходимо заверить коммерческие документы, для Катара. Ранее была информация, что в посольство документы должны быть поданы уже с печатями МинЮст-а, а так же МИД-а. Так ли это? Предоставляете ли Вы данную услугу? И каким н.п.а. это требование регулируется?

Добрый день, Татьяна! Да, мы предоставляем услугу легализации документов для Катара. Проконсультировать Вас сможет наш менеджер alla.soga@jurklee.ua. Хорошего дня!

20 Sep 2017, 11:18
Пашаев Борис


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