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In order to use Ukrainian documents in the territory of Spain you shall obligatorily pass the process of their legalization according to the standards of international and Ukrainian legislation.

Spain, like Ukraine, is a country-participant of the Hague Convention adopted in 1961. This means that the procedure of documents legalization for Spain is carried out by simplified way – affixing the special stamp of Apostille on them.

Documents, which can be legalized

You can legalize the following official papers:

  • Certificate, diploma, other educational documents;
  • Birth, marriage certificate and other documents issued by civilian registry office;
  • Police clearance certificate, passport;
  • Different certificates, licenses, statements;
  • Documents of legal entities;
  • Other state papers.

Cost of legalization for Spain

If you need to register the legalization of diploma in Spain, or other documents – see the prices from MES and other agencies of Ukraine. Also in the table are presented the prices for accompanying services, such as translation into Spanish, which is obligatory for this procedure.


Ministry of Education and Science

1060 UAH3 w.d.
730 UAH10 w.d.
880 UAH20 w.d.
545 UAH30 w.d.
Ministry of Justice325 UAH1 w.d.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs645 UAH2-3 w.d.
450 UAH5 w.d.
Certification of translation in the Embassy992 UAHот 30 w.d.
Translation into Spanish 1800 signs (nominal page)*150 UAH1 w.d.

*the price is not a public offer.
*minimum order is 1 nominal page.
**Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries and Embassies may be increased.

Order legalization in Spain

How passes the process of legalization in Spain

Legalization of documents for Spain оis registered by several ways, such as: Consular legalization or double apostillization. Below is presented each from these options by stages:

 Consular legalization:

  •  Apostille affixing on document original;
  •  Translation of document into Spanish by an accredited (sworn) translator from the Embassy.

 Double apostillization:

  •  Apostille affixing on document original;
  •  Translation by a certified translator into Spanish;
  •  Notarization of translation;
  •  Apostille affixing on translation and certification.

As you see, to prepare documents in Spain is possible by different ways, let’s note that the requirements for registration are given by the host party. In some cases the doublу affixing of Apostille stamp, will be necessary, and in others only Consular legalization.

JurKlee will do all for you!

The procedure of legalization is very complex and requires maximal exactness in preparation. Also, in the case of double apostillization professional and qualitative translation is very important.

the case of double apostillization professional and qualitative translation is very important. Apply to us and our specialists will perform accurate preparation of documents for each stage of legalization, as well as we will make qualified translation, which will be certified in the Consulate. If you are interested in any other services, which we render – navigate on the homepage of our website.

12 Feb 2016, 10:03
Здравствйте, моей сестре нужна легализация диплома для Испании. Но она сейчас находится в самой Испании. Как лучше сделать чтобы не тратить много денег? Могу ли я за нее все сделать в Украине?

Добрый день, Дмитрий! Легализировать документы имеет право либо их собственник, либо человек, на которого есть доверенность от вадельца документа. В случае обращения в нашу компанию Ваша сестра сможет оформимть такую доверенность в посольстве Украины, переслать ее нам, и мы проведем полную процедуру легализации диплома.

12 Feb 2016, 10:10
Пашаев Борис

02 Oct 2015, 14:19
Здравствуйте! От меня требуют перевод из посольства Испании (уезжаю на ПМЖ в Испанию). Вы в курсе что это и сможете получить этот перевод на испанский для меня?

Добрый день, Ольга. Сможем Вам помочь. Для этого проставляем апостиль для Испании, потом переводим дипломированным переводчиком на испанский, после заверяем перевод в посольстве/консульстве Испании в Украине. От Вас дополнительно будет необходима доверенность. Обращайтесь!

02 Oct 2015, 14:24
Пашаев Борис


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