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Since April 2015 the children's travel document is not liable to issuance. This page serves for a comprehensive nature!

To get the children’s travel document

Are you planning to go abroad for rest with the minor child? So, you need to issue the child’s travel document, it is also called the child’s international passport.

What possibilities does the issuance of the children's travel document give? It enables the child to leave Ukraine and return back in its territory.

Therefore, if you need to get this document, but neither you nor your child has the time for its issuance – order the service now using the online form below, or call by the phone indicated at the end of the page!

What documents are necessary for it?

In order to issue the child’s travel document you will be required the following documents:

  • The notarized application of both parents;
  • The passport of Ukraine of one of the parents, with whom the child is living;
  • The original and the copy of the child’s birth certificate;
  • 4 photos of the child of standard size 3.5 x 4.5.

We will do ourselves all the rest!

It is also important to know!

The child’s travel document in Ukraine is issued for the term of three years. If your child is 16 years old, then it will be valid only until his/her achievement of 18 years old.

There is the variant when the children are endorsed in the parents’ international passport, but in this respect the child's travel document has a number of advantages:

  • It allows traveling not only with the parents, but with the notarized by the parents permission with other adults (relatives, chiefs of sportive sections and other persons);
  • Not in all countries it is allowed crossing the border on the condition that your minor son or daughter are endorsed in the international passport, which is not to say about the child's travel document.

For tripping abroad besides the child’s travel document you shall have the legalized permission of one of the parents depending on the situation.

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