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All about the video remote interpretation service

Technologies are developing more and more every day. Nowadays it is very difficult to find a sphere of human life that has not yet been touched by technology. The technological process has also broken into the translation industry. To date, a new service of video remote interpretation has become increasingly popular. What is this service and what are its features can be found further in the article.

What is video remote interpretation?

Video remote interpretation is a completely new type of interpretation. Today, this service is the most popular in America. The service is a very convenient solution when it is necessary to hold a quick business meeting, negotiations or conference between international partners. It is simply impossible to do without video remote interpretation in a situation where it is impossible to invite an interpreter to a personal meeting (for example, such a situation may arise during a trip, during a flight, etc.).

How is the process of video remote interpretation going?

This translation service allows you to communicate with a foreign interlocutor in such a way as if he is in front of you and understands your language. During a video meeting, the process is led by a professional translator who knows all the features of the business process. The specialist interprets all your words and brings all the information to the foreign interlocutor. In addition, the interpreter conveys all your emotions.

The procedure of video remote interpretation is carried out using a special technology, namely videoconferencing. This technology allows you to hold a meeting with foreign partners even if there is no translator nearby. In this case, the interpreter may not even be in the same country with you.

To transmit your image and voice, the interpreter needs a TV or PC screen, a small camera and microphone. The same equipment is used to transmit the image, the voice of the interpreter himself. In some cases, there may be more than one interpreter (in such a situation, this will be agreed upon).

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