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Employment in Germany

Of all the EU countries, Germany attracts migrant workers with better working conditions and higher wages. If until recently, the majority of Ukrainians went to work in Poland, now there is an increase in the migration flows to Germany. What changes in the policy of the state led to this, and what should be known to those who plan to travel to Germany?

Since 2020, new conditions of employment and residence in Germany are introduced

The rapidly developing German economy is in dire need of manpower resources. The understanding of this led to the fact that in 2019 the Parliament should adopt new laws on labour migration.

Vocational education is compulsory

Previously, a job in Germany could get a higher education graduate. The changes affected the permission to obtain work visas for personnel with secondary specialized, not only higher education. That means, profession is a prerequisite for obtaining work visa in Germany.

The decision to invite an employee is made by the employer independently

Before the adoption of the new law, the filling of a certain job vacancy by an emigrant from outside the EU was possible only with the appropriate decision of the state bodies. It concerned those vacancies for which there is no demand from Europeans. Under the new legislation, employment is based on free competition. If the company agrees to accept the emigrant, it has the right to do so freely, without any kind of agreement.

Period of employee's stay in Germany

Migration legislation determined the exact dates of stay in the country on the basis of an employment contract. From 2020, the employee can stay in the country after the end of the employment contract to find a new job. The law stipulates a period of no more than 180 days of such stay.

Competence in the language is not clearly established

Different professions require different levels of language proficiency. The minimum threshold is set by the employer. If he is satisfied with the worker's level of German, the Embassy employees will not prevent entry into the country on the basis of lack of language proficiency.

Reduction of the term of diplomas' verification

A prerequisite for getting a job in Germany is a diploma. The document on education is tested for compliance with the requirements in Germany. The law provides the accelerated terms for verification of such documents.

How to get a job in Germany?

Having demanded in the Western European country profession, possession of which is confirmed by the document on education, a citizen of one of the CIS countries can get employment in Germany. You can act in one of three ways.

Conclusion of an employment contract directly with the employer

The best option is to try to find a job directly, without intermediaries, through job sites. You will need a good level of knowledge of German for negotiations, the ability to make a resume in German or, at least, in English. Having concluded an employment contract, the applicant prepares documents and submits an application for a visa to the Embassy. Consideration of documents can take from 6 weeks to several months. A positive aspect of this approach is the confidence in getting a job and a specified salary, legal guarantees.

Cooperation with the intermediator firms

Most of those who want to get a job in Germany, do not have the necessary knowledge for self-employment search and preparation of documents. The numerous agencies come to the aid. Their services are really able to speed up the process of employment and visa processing. Difficulties can arise in connection with deception. Some intermediaries charge partial or full prepayment for their services. But there is no guarantee that the applicant will receive a quality service. In other cases, employment through intermediaries leads to the fact that part of the employee's salary is deducted monthly in favour of the Agency. In any case, before contacting the intermediary firms, it is necessary to try to get the most truthful information about them, to study in detail the proposals for cooperation.

Job search in Germany

The new law allows you to come to the country to find work on the spot. For this purpose, a six-month stay in its territory is provided on a visa that allows you to work. This is a good chance to understand the situation in the labour market and find a good place for yourself. The bad news is that entry on this visa must be secured financially. For each month of stay is required from 700 to 1000 EUR. The availability of these funds must be confirmed at the border.


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