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Typical mistakes made by procurement participants. What should not be done to win tenders and fully use the system “Prozorro”

Recommendations for those, who is just starting or is going to take part in the tender system for the first time, gives Natalia Shymko - Deputy General Director of the State Enterprise "Prozorro".

The first rule that must be fulfilled without fail is that the tender documentation and the tender offer must fully comply with each other. Compliance with this one condition helps to avoid many mistakes that lead to the fact that the customer will reject the participant's application.

In addition, Natalia Shymko highlighted a number of typical mistakes that new participants in the procurement system make. Taking into account such recommendations will allow you to fully use the opportunities "Prozorro" and win tenders.

1. Those who for the first time place an offer of their product, work or service on the application in "Prozorro" very often choose large applications. They look more attractive, but that is why there is always a high level of competition here. As a result, newcomers have to deal with suppliers with extensive experience. Naturally, they lose, but they conclude that they are not to blame, ETC.

For those who are taking the first steps in tenders, we can give advice: you should not chase large orders. You should start with small purchases. Although the purchase item itself costs less, but the requirements for the contractor are also reduced, there are not so many competitors, among which there are even fewer experienced participants.

2. You should not independently interpret or think out the requirements listed in the application. This leads to the fact that the documentation compiled by the participant will not correspond to what the customer really expects. As a result, the application will be rejected.

Tip: any doubt about the interpretation should be clarified with the customer. The system "Prozorro" allows you to ask questions - you should use it. If you consider any of the customer's requirements to be discriminatory, you have the opportunity to contact the customer with a request to make changes in this paragraph. The second possibility is to appeal to the AMCU with a complaint, which can also be filed directly through the system itself.

Typical mistakes made by procurement participants. What should not be done to win tenders and fully use the system “Prozorro”

3. You should determine your behavior before the auction. To do this, three types of bets are determined: minimum, maximum and optimal. If you do not do this, it is quite possible to place a bet, which is completely unprofitable for the participant, in the excitement of the fight. You cannot go below a certain, pre-calculated rate.

4. Errors in the documentation preparation process. Let's list the most common:

  • non-compliance with the form of documents that are established by the customer;
  • the documentation was not translated into the state language;
  • the goods provided by the participant must fully comply with the technical requirements set by the customer. Even if the entrepreneur offers a product that has the best characteristics, this may be perceived by the customer as an error in the tender documentation, and the offer will be rejected;
  • the application contains only part of the documentation, for example, the technical task specifies the requirement to provide the entire document, and only individual pages were submitted by the participant;
  • the requirements for the signature and certification of documentation are not met.

Tip: when preparing documentation, it is necessary to strictly comply with the requirements set by the customer. The documentation should be placed in separate, relevant sections of the system, folders (confidential, qualification, technical), it is desirable to submit an offer in advance, not in the last hours available for submission.

5. Not using all existing "Prozorro" features. The system opens up wide opportunities for collecting information about both competitors and customers. This allows you to objectively assess your own capabilities.

Tip: study the information about the customer and about those performers whom he approved earlier. Finding out the reasons for rejecting applications will allow you not to make mistakes of your predecessors.

These simple rules will help you not to make simple, but very common mistakes. As a result, you will be able to start using the system fully, successfully place applications and win tenders.

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