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Prozorro Market VS Simplified Purchasing

To get additional convenience, benefits and speed of purchase, you need to rely on the procedure of the state online store "Request of the price of offers". In cooperation with Prozorro Market team, we expect the best conditions for performing operations that exceed even simplified purchases. The goal of creating a state-owned online store, consisting in eliminating burdensome tender procedures for customers, allows us to make sure that this opinion is true. The rationality of this choice is also confirmed by the recommendations of the Ministry of Economic Development regarding a profitable alternative to simplified procurement. On this occasion, an official letter about the advantages of procurement procedures from 50 to 200 thousand UAH through Prozorro Market has been drawn up.

If with Prozorro Market you do not need to worry about preparing the TD, since the technical characteristics in the product profiles are set by the central purchasing organisation, then the simplified procedure has such a requirement. The same applies to the need to check suppliers. You only need to worry about the qualifications of suppliers and control their requirements in the case of simplified purchases.

We must agree that 8 calendar days of the average duration of the "request for proposals" is better than 21 days of simplified purchases.

A clear example of the advantages will be the purchase of a Borscht set.

With Prozorro Market, the following prices are provided:

Potatoes: 11 UAH/kg;

Cabbage: 7.5 UAH/kg;

Onion: 8 UAH/kg

With simplified purchases, the cost increases:

Potatoes: 11.6 UAH/kg;

Cabbage: 7.6 UAH/kg;

Onion: 8.5 UAH/kg

It can be concluded that all purchases will be easier, faster and cheaper with Prozorro Market. Regarding the reduction of worries, the automatic determination of the winner by price offers speaks for itself. In simplified procurement, an authorized employee is responsible for everything.

In order not to doubt the legality of using Prozorro Market by state customers, you should read the relevant procedure, which came into force on the basis of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 822 dated 14 September 2020. You should also pay attention to the update version of the state online store (Prozorro Market 2.0), of February 2021. Below is a list of changes:

  1. Use of the procedure "request the price of offers" by state customers for the purchase of goods up to 200 thousand UAH.  This should also include public procurement with monopolists up to 1 million UAH.
  2. No payment for using Prozorro Market by state customers. Payment of commissions by suppliers only if the agreement is signed. The system is used at low rates.
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