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How to order a police clearance certificate online in Ukraine?

A police clearance certificate is an important document that states that a citizen will never be criminally liable in his life. It is required to submit it to many authorities when performing various procedures regarding travel abroad, adoption and others. There are two options of inquiry - complete and abbreviated. The abbreviated one contains information about the absence of a criminal record or its presence. The full version contains information that the person was was prosecuted, about the existing restrictions regarding obtaining a particular position, leaving for another country, and other important facts. To resolve the issue of obtaining a document during quarantine, you can order a police clearance certificate online using our website without leaving your home.

Can I get a police clearance certificate online?

Can I get a police clearance certificate via the Internet? We take care of our clients, save their personal time and health, therefore we do our best to speed up the process of document processing - to simplify communication between the user and higher authorities, to reduce the waiting time for a response from managers. We understand that many Ukrainian clients are located in another country, so it will be difficult and expensive for them to come home.

That is why we have created a service - obtaining a police clearance certificate online at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This is the most convenient way you can imagine. To order a police clearance certificate online, you must use a specially created form for this, create an application in accordance with all the rules, enter your personal data there and send everything to the manager. He will check the application as soon as possible and send a response as soon as possible.

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When do I need a police clearance certificate?

Online criminal record certificate in Ukraine may be required in the following cases:

  • at the time of obtaining a visa to travel abroad;
  • for admission to a serious position;
  • when adopting a child or registering guardianship over him;
  • to get an opportunity to participate in tenders;
  • when applying for citizenship for non-residents of Ukraine, etc.

Online police clearance certificate is issued at the request of an individual on the basis of legislation. At the same time, it is important to know: an online police clearance certificate is issued to people who have already turned 14 years old.

How to order a police clearance certificate online in Ukraine?

What documents do I need to get online help?

How can I order a police clearance certificate online? To speed up the process of obtaining the required document, prepare all the documents that you may need. This includes a photo or a scanned copy of your passport. You need to scan the first and second pages, as well as the page where the subscription is indicated. In addition, you will also need a TIN. To send photos online, you just need to upload them via a special online system. Remember that all documents are confidential information and will not not leave the site.

How to get a police clearance certificate online: stages

How to get a police clearance certificate via the Internet? To do this, you need to go to the site and you will see a form for obtaining online police clearance certificate in Ukraine. You can fill it out quickly and correctly - a small instruction is offered for this.

In the form, you will see the following items that will need to be filled out with great care:

1. Initials. To order a police clearance certificate online, you must write your real name, surname and patronymic to identify you. If you are married, you must also enter your maiden name in parentheses. This also applies to the nuances of changing the name, surname for various reasons. The filling language is Ukrainian.

2. Purpose of receiving. To get a police clearance certificate via the Internet, you need to know for what purpose you need it. In this part of the application, you will find many options, among which you just need to choose the one that corresponds to reality. This can be a registration for work, for service in the embassy. You may also need to obtain a visa to travel abroad to study, work, or visit. In some cases, people want to get permission to own weapons for peaceful purposes — for this you will also need to take a police clearance certificate online, so as not to break the Law. To create a family-type orphanage, the adoption of one or more children, this document will also be required. And it will be impossible to work without it with psychotropic, narcotic drugs, explosive substances.

If you are not sure whether you have correctly identified the purpose for issuing a certificate, you can contact the manager by phone or in writing on the site itself. You can also write a question by email and get a quick, accurate answer.

How to order a police clearance certificate online in Ukraine?

3. Payment option. Before getting a police clearance certificate in Ukraine online, you must choose the payment method that suits you best. It can be:

  • classic transfer to a card of one of the Ukrainian banks;
  • payment on the site with a small commission;
  • in cash — for this you will need to come to the office;
  • transfer from another country via any electronic money system.

4. Contacts. In order for the manager can call you back or write to you by email, do not forget to leave your work phone number or email. The specialist will contact you to get your consent to confirm the order and answer any questions if you have any.

5. Additional information. Here you can enter any important additional information that, in your opinion, specialists need to know. In some cases, you will need a certificate with a ready-made translation or an apostille affixed. This is what you will need to specify in this column.

6. Documents. Do not forget to attach the scans of the documents mentioned above to the application. They must be genuine and must not be near the end of their expiration date. Remember that your application will not be considered without documents, as it will be invalid and incomplete. If you are a non-resident of the country, then there is an opportunity to apply instead of an ordinary passport - an international passport or a residence permit.

Now you know how to order a police clearance certificate via the Internet. All that remains is to fill out the application form and send it to the specialists.

How much a police clearance certificate is made online: terms of receipt and cost

A police clearance certificate online of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - is made about 1-5 working days. It is possible to choose any time for creating the certificate. It all depends on how quickly you need to receive it, how urgent the order will be. Remember that the cost of the document will directly depend on the terms that you can set yourself. Also, the price of the document can be influenced by other factors such as additional nuances of paper design - affixing an apostille, making a translation, etc. All questions that you have, ask the managers in a personal conversation or in a chat.

Certificate4-5 work. days*UAH 475
3 work. days*UAH 555
1-2 work. days*UAH 700
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