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How much time police clearance certificate is valid

Some of our clients have a very responsible approach to the procedure of documents preparation. This is definitely the right step, because the better you are prepared, the more information you learned - the fewer problems will arise already in the territory of another state.

Clients get much information from our blog, some information is found on other Internet-resources, as well as send requests for consultation on the unclear for them issues, which sometimes become the topics of pages of our blog.

Today we want to reveal just two closely related questions: how much time police certificate is valid and how much time police clearance certificate is made.

How much time police clearance certificate is made

The answer to the question of how much time you can make police clearance certificate will depend on where you apply. For example, we offer to make police clearance certificate for 2-14 working days. Almost always these terms are observed, save the situations when the department of information provision of the Police of Ukraine, referring to additional checks of a citizen may delay the issuance of certificate for an indefinite term. Other companies may offer various terms of certificate making, and therefore, you can be guided by them.

If you want to get the document yourself, applying to the relevant police department, the term, for which police clearance certificate is made, will be for you up to 30 days*. In this case, the document receipt will be gratuitous, but the term will be much higher than in translation agency JurKlee.

*up to 30 days this is official term of receipt of police clearance certificate, and depending on the department of certificate issuance the term may vary.

How much time police clearance certificate is valid

How much time police clearance certificate is made

The second question to which we will respond today, concerns the validity of this certificate. Get the document, it is one thing, but to know until when it is valid - is quite another.

Officially, police clearance certificate has no term of validity. In the document is indicated only the date as of which it is indicated that the document owner is not subject to criminal liability. There are no mentions of the fact that the certificate will be invalid after a while.

But nevertheless, in practice, there was a slightly different situation. Different authorities in Ukraine and abroad set their terms of how much time police clearance certificate is valid. We can divide this figure into two large groups:

 In Ukraine

As a rule, most Ukrainian companies establish their own, internal criteria for documents. And for police clearance certificate in Ukraine, most often, the validity is equal to 30 calendar days.

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In the countries of Europe, America and other countries where our compatriots go, in most cases, it is allowed to submit police clearance certificate, the limitation period of which does not exceed 90 days. Such increased, compared to the Ukrainian period is explained by the fact that the terms of preparation of certain documents to obtain a residence permit or a wedding can be rather big.

Please, note that the terms specified in this article are not the same for all institutions. The company Jur Klee recommends that you initially ask the question on the validity of police clearance certificate in the place, where the documents are submitted.

Let’s summarize

In short we can summarize that there are no specific term of validity for certificate. Making certificate may occur within the period from 2 up to 30 working days.

Order documents preparation at us and be sure in the terms and in the quality of their preparation!

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