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Work abroad for Ukrainians in 2020

Residents of Ukraine are increasingly leaving their homes and go to work in Europe. Previously, they were interested in Russia in this regard, but now attention has switched to Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Germany and Lithuania. Also attractive jobs can be found in Canada, the USA, China, Italy, the UAE, Turkey and Australia.

Work abroad for Ukrainians can be both seasonal and long-term. Each country has its own labor areas, where foreign personnel are required. Countries with developed tourist infrastructure regularly offer jobs of animators or guides. States where the agricultural sector is developed offer work in this sector. Specialists with a high level of qualification will be welcome everywhere, regardless of the continent.

Demanded work in Europe

Ukrainians when choosing a potential workplace abroad primarily think about Poland. In this country, the labor force is not enough, as a large number of poles are happy to leave to more developed European countries. Therefore, for Ukrainians, there are a lot of offers for the following positions:

  • builder;
  • driver;
  • teaching staff;
  • employee in the service sector;
  • IT-specialist;
  • nurse;
  • picker of seasonal crops;
  • handyman at the place of production;
  • engineer.

The minimum wage in Poland is EUR 520. It directly depends on the level of knowledge of English and national languages, experience and profession itself. On similar financial terms of labor costs offer work in Latvia and Lithuania. Nearby is the Czech Republic, where the minimum wage is EUR 700. More favorable working and living conditions in the country can be found in France, Israel, Germany and Ireland, but it is extremely difficult to get there legally.

Where else can Ukrainians go to work?

Work abroad can be not only in Europe, but also overseas or in Asia. China, Australia, the USA and Canada can offer working conditions not worse than European ones. In the latter country, salaries can reach up to 5000 thousand dollars each month, if an employee is a competent specialist.

Work for Ukrainians cannot always be long-term, as there is simply no way to leave a country for a long time. In this case, seasonal employment, which can be found in Finland, would be preferable. This work is accompanied by the collection of berries or mushrooms, as most of the country is occupied by forests. Salary on local farms will be from EUR 800 to EUR 1 500. It can also be found in Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy and the UAE.

Work abroad without knowledge of language

Many Ukrainians are afraid to go to work because of a language barrier. It is difficult to live on a territory where English, French or another language other than the native language is spoken. But in a lot of countries you can find jobs for a small fee. You can find a job abroad, where you do not need to communicate with the locals.
Ukrainians without knowledge of the language will be able to work as:

  • harvesters;
  • workers in a greenhouse;
  • animal care workers;
  • packers;
  • nannies and nurses.

Such work is offered by mercenaries. They provide not only a workplace, but also normal living conditions and food. Often entire families agree to such work. As a rule, many go on such trips to gain experience and learn a foreign language. This will further help to get a more prestigious position.

What documents will be required?

To get a legal job abroad, you need to collect certain documentation. The list of required papers differs, depending on the chosen state and the position itself. The main documents are:

It is important to remember that you need a work visa, as with a tourist visa any work will be considered illegal. In order to avoid problems with employment abroad, you need to ask the translation agency Jur Klee for help. Our company is engaged in preparation and legalization of documents that are necessary for employment abroad.  



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