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Work in Canada for Ukrainiansв

Every year more and more Ukrainians apply to Canada in order to obtain a visa. People who want to earn money, as well as students and tourists come here. According to statistics published by the Department of Immigration of Canada, last year they issued about 6 million temporary visas and permits to enter the country.     

Due to the increase in the number of applications to the Department of Immigration of Canada for temporary visas, 17 new visa centers were opened. The government plans to increase this number in the future.   

For faster processing of applications, the centers are equipped with a special online technology that allows to distribute processing to less busy offices.  

How long does a visa application take?

The official approximate period of consideration of the application for a work visa to Canada is considered to be 1.5 months. However, the ever-increasing number of requests can increase the processing time.

The number of people seeking to enter Canada is increasing every year. That is why people can wait for a work visa for six months. Nevertheless, the Canadian government is committed to reducing the processing time of requests as much as possible.  

Before sending an application to the Embassy of Canada, a resident of Ukraine needs to issue permits. Their absence can result in visa denial. Obtaining these documents may take several months.  

Representatives of the Embassy try to consider applications as quickly as possible. In other similar countries requests are processed much longer.
If a citizen of Ukraine has all the necessary documents and the results of medical examination, he can get a work visa in a few days.    

Documents required for visa processing

There have been no significant changes in employment rules in Canada in recent years. The applicant needs the following documents:

  • data on previous work experience (work record, recommendations);
  • certificates confirming the level of knowledge of English or French.

How much can a citizen of Ukraine earn in Canada?

The minimum salary of guests of the country is considered to be 1,5 thousand dollars per month. This figure has increased by 10-15 percent in recent years. If we consider the official employment, the earnings will be at least $ 10 per hour. It follows that you can get up to 2.5 thousand dollars per month. Minus taxes, this amount will be 2 thousand Canadian dollars.     

The specifics of this country is that it does not care whether the worker is a foreign citizen or not? Canadian employers will be deprived of permission to hire foreign workers if they pay them less money than local residents. 

All kinds of qualified employees and handymen are in demand here, in Canada. Over the past few years the following industries have been actively recruiting employees:

  • meat processing;
  • transport logistics;
  • agriculture.

In addition, construction industry is actively developing in the country. Employers has recently been given preference to workers in oil fields, truckers, welders.

The opportunity to "take root"

Citizens of Ukraine often work on low-paid jobs. This is due to the fact that in this case there are no strict requirements regarding work experience and language proficiency. Such vacancies are usually closed quickly, and it is difficult to find them.    

The only thing that can stop a Ukrainian from traveling to Canada is the distance and the high cost of tickets. Also, another reason is often the low level of foreign language proficiency. Without knowledge of English or French, the applicant will not be able to find a job in Canada.   

Ukrainians who went abroad to work often become immigrants because of the long distances and the high cost of travelling. Trips from Canada to Ukraine and vice versa are quite expensive.

In General, if you decide to try your luck in Canada, the translation agency Jur klee will help you with it.  It deals with apostilization and legalization of all documents necessary for obtaining a work visa.



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