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Step-by-step instructions for buying in Prozorro Market

Purchases will not cause much inconvenience and waste of time if the customer manages to use Prozorro Market. This possibility is provided for by the Law On Public Procurement. However, it should be remembered that this applies only to operations within the amount of up to 50 thousand UAH.  Moreover, such purchases were prudently made through Prozoro. A step-by-step instruction will help the customer do everything

Step 1. Reflection of purchases in the annual plan in the catalogue

Inclusion in the annual plan is provided for all purchases, including relevant operations through Prozorro Market. It should be noted that during the publication of the plan, the customer must include the following points:

  • Plan validity period and type of purchase;
  • Name of the item for which the planned operation is taking place;
  • Expected cost;
  • Date on which the purchase is scheduled to start;
  • Code ДК 021:2015;
  • Type of procedure and source of funding.

Step 2. Search for the product you are interested using the catalogue

To find the required product, the customer must use any of the following methods:

  1. By entering a keyword that can be used as a brand or model of the product.
  2. According to the category, that is, by the fourth digit of the code ДК 021:2015. This method is considered the most rational in the absence of specific characteristics in relation to a particular product.

Step-by-step instructions for buying in Prozorro Market

Step 3. Go to placing an order

The very first thing to do during the order process is to specify the planned quantity separately. The minimum possible quantity set by the manufacturer or supplier also deserves special attention. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the fact that it is not possible to purchase products of different categories in one order through the catalogue. Only products that belong to the same category can be combined in one order.

Step 4. The last item is the publication of the purchase report

A report on this procedure is generated automatically during the order. The use of an electronic system is not provided here. Information about the subject of purchases, the cost, and information about the supplier must be entered in the fields intended for this purpose. However, remember, there is no possibility to change the listed data. The information provided in the system or contract should not differ from each other in any case.

Completion of the report publication in the system must be carried out only after the agreement is agreed by the parties. During this procedure, the customer must enter information about the date of signing, price, and term of the contract.

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