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Documents for the UAE translate

To date, the United Arab Emirates is a desirable place for many students and people who want to find a promising job. Let’s remember that when you move to another country, in particular the UAE, it is necessary to prepare the documents correctly, that is to undergo the procedure of their consular legalization, one of the stages of this procedure execution is the translation. In this connection the question arises about the choice of language for the translated documents, because for the United Arab Emirates the translation is made both in Arab and English languages.

How to choose the language of translation and who determines it?

All situations and cases are individual and depend on the requirements of the receiving authority, often this is the employer. Mainly western companies, which opened a branch in the United Arab Emirates, require translation into English, whereas local, Arab ones will require Arabic translation. However, there are no strict requirements and divisions.

According to our experience, about 75% of our clients translate papers into English. In any case, it is necessary to act at the request of the receiving authority, and in no case do not use the advices of friends or even professionals, because nobody knows the requirements for your particular case.

For resettlement to the UAE, depending on your purposes, you may require the translation of the following main documents:

  • Diploma/certificate;
  • Police clearance certificate;
  • Documents from civilian registry offices.

Price of documents translation for the UAE:


Price for 1800 signs (nominal page)*


300 UAH


120 UAH

*the price is not a public offer
*minimum order is 1 nominal page.

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What to do with already translated document for the Arab Emirates?

In order that translated documents have legal force, it is necessary to execute the procedure of consular legalization for the UAE because this country has not signed the Hague Convention of 1961. Making legalization, you will encounter that you will have to deal with the various ministries of Ukraine and the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates are in Kiev. The process itself can include such basic points:

  • Translation and its notarization;
  • Certification in Minjust of Ukraine;
  • Certification in MFA of Ukraine;
  • Certification in the Consulate of the UAE.

Let’s remember that the stages of legalization themselves differ depending on document and you have to visit some agencies several times.

Why you need to apply in JurKlee

Our company has long been engaged in a full support of documents for the UAE, beginning from consular legalization and ending with visas issuance and registration of companies within the shortest terms (all services on the UAE). On all additional questions please contact our managers who will advise you free of charge.

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