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Documents for the Embassy of Italy

Choosing the theme for a new article of our blog, we are very careful in its choice and try to fully elucidate the problem and suggest the ways of its solution. Today we have decided to tell you about all niceties and problems, which can arise out when you apply to the Embassy of Italy.

We plan to tell about all potential problems upon application, so the article turned out to be enough volume. For your convenience we have created a small navigation on it - just click on the interesting for you item and learn necessary information:

  1. Process of documents translation
  2. Inconformity of name and surname transliteration in translations
  3. Process of documents legalization in the consulate
  4. Official prices and terms of documents legalization
  5. Sudden changes in the Embassy rules

Process of documents translation for the Republic of Italy

We hope that you are aware of the Italian Government's requirement for accredited translation of documents. What is it and how to get such a translation you can read in our article on the link above. Now we just remember that this option of translation is made by only specially trained and passed accreditation translators. They all "subordinate" to the Embassy of Italy and its rules, so each of five Ukrainian accredited translators will make a translation equally.

Also we remember you the prices for documents translations for Italy:

Accredited/sworn translation of documents into Italian450 UAH/1800 signs with gaps2 working days
300 UAH/1800 signs with gaps5 working days

*the price is not a public offer.
**Deadlines for consideration of documents by Embassу may be increased.

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The process of translation itself does not usually give problems, they can begin a little later, when this document is examined by the Embassy.

Problem No. 1. Inconformity of Names

A common problem for the Ukrainians is that the names in the international passport and, for example, in the birth certificate are different. This happens mostly among women who were born before 1991. In the birth certificate, she can be written as "Ania", and in Ukrainian passport - "Anna". Accordingly, upon transliteration of names in these two documents, it will be written differently.

Documents with a different spelling of name or surname often create problems for our citizens in the territory of Italy. It is better to resolve this issue right now, staying in Ukraine.

The solution of this problem will be to appeal to a special Ukrainian bureau of linguistic expertise. This organization can give you the expert’s conclusion, in which it will be indicated that your names, in different documents, despite discrepancies in their spelling, are identical.

Further you need to affix apostille stamp on this paper, translate by a translator at the Embassy and legalize. This package of documents will be very useful for you already in the territory of Italy.

Problem No. 2. Inconformity of Surname Spelling

Per se the situation is similar to the previous one, it just happens a little less than the first one. Also, the problem in spelling may be in patronymic. But, in the conclusion, about which it was said above it is possible to describe everything and manage with one document. Below you can see the example of such a document:

Conclusion about conformity of name and surname

Example of expert’s conclusion about surname conformity in different documents

To obtain this document, you can contact any of our managers. The cost of obtaining the conclusion depends on a number of documents, in which there is a name inconformity.

Legalization of documents in the Embassy of Italy

After apostilles affixing and translation the documents should be submitted to the Italian Embassy for further legalization. If we do this procedure – the power of attorney from the documents owner will be required. In the previous article of the blog we fully described the procedure of obtaining the power of attorney for documents submission to the Embassy.

Upon legalization, as well as translation, there are some of the most common problems, which may be incomprehensible for the majority of clients. About them, clearly and structured, read on.

Ignorance of the amounts of official duties of the Embassy

Many clients are often a little surprised by the final cost of documents legalization. It happens that we are accused that we say great prices and are trying to "pick up the latest" at clients. Believe that this is not so. The price for documents submission to the Embassy is a standard at us and equal to 200 UAH/document. The rest of the amounts we pay to the Embassy. And in order that you can know exactly that there is no fraud, we will describe all these costs for you.

Prices for documents legalization in the Embassy of Italy

In the table below are indicated all prices. Below it will be deciphered what is specifically meant by each item of cost:

Consular fee for a sheet of translation of documents from civilian registry offices407 UAH/1 sheet of translation
Consular fee for a sheet of translation of other documents627 UAH/1 sheet of translation
Certification of a copy of educational documents314 UAH/1 sheet

*the price is not a public offer.

Changes in the Embassy rules in the process of legalization of your documents

Not great, but all the same problem, are sudden changes in any rules of translation or costs of consular fees. More often the problem arises out just about the costs. The consular fee is paid upon documents submission, and after passage of the two-week period when they should already be ready, you are notified that the amount of the fee has changed and you need to pay in addition. The next day after additional payment you will be given legalized documents.

Rarely happens the situation when are changed any rules of translation or requirements to documents. And if you have submitted your package of papers before changes – they may refuse in the legalization, referring that the rules have been changed, and you need to do over documents.

These situations happen not often, and usually the Embassy notifies about changes. But we faced the cases when we should do over documents just for this reason.

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