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Translate documents for visa

Often the citizens of Ukraine for travelling to a particular country need to obtain the appropriate visa for its visit. Visa is a document authorizing a foreigner to enter the territory of another country. Of course, there is a number of countries, for which visa is not required – it is enough to bring your passport or international passport and travel safely. Sometimes it happens that you need to issue a visa directly at the place of arrival - at the local airport.

But, so far, for the Ukrainians there are not so many countries, in which you can just pick up and go. In many cases, a visa is required, but when it comes to obtaining a Schengen visa or a visa of other countries that require submission of documents to the embassies - immediately raises a lot of questions and difficulties. For example, with the collection of the correct package of documents or the translation of documents for a visa.

Translation of which documents is required for submission in embassy?

When submitting documents to the embassy you shouldn’t act at random, follow advices of friends or relatives. You need obligatorily clarify the requirements at the host party, because each embassy has its own list of required documents and the different requirements for their preparation.

Be prepared also to the fact that the required documents and their translations will depend on the type of obtained visa. We have prepared an exemplary list of documents, which shall be often translated upon submission of papers for a visa:

  1. For tourist visa the list of the required documents and their translations depends on the visiting country, and it is better to clarify it individually;
  2. To issue business visa you may be required the translated copies of customs and payment documents, contracts with foreign partners and documents confirming international cooperation;
  3. In the process of obtaining student’s visa you may be required the translation of certificate, diploma, copy of birth certificate or invitation for study in a foreign university.
  4. Medical visa is characterized that it is given to a person for the purposes of treatment in another country, you may need the translation of analyses, correspondences with doctors or various medical conclusions.

Cost of documents translation for visa in Kiev

We will translate any of your documents into the majority of languages of the world, the term and the price of translation into main languages are given below:

Language of translation of documentsPrice for 1800 signs(nominal page)*Term


150 UAH

from 1 working day


150 UAH


120 UAH


150 UAH


150 UAH


300 UAH

Notarization of translation

200 UAH

*the price is not a public offer
*minimum order is 1 nominal page.

Here you can see the prices of translation into other languages

Of course, there are other types of visas, for example, bride's visa or journalist’s visa, which also require the translation of various documents.

Let’s remember that the list of the required documents and their translations for submission to the embassy in each country is different and before submission you need to know the requirements of the embassy /the visa center of the chosen country.

Difficulties upon translation alone. Importance of the correct translation

In fact, it is not recommended to make translation alone upon visa obtaining for many reasons, such as:

 translation of documents for visa
  1. For some embassies, documents may be translated alone, but in such cases there is a very high probability of error, and you will have to submit documents again, losing with it a lot of time;
  2. Most countries still require professional translation, and you have to look alone for a professional translator, which can be a problem, because it is not simple to find a certified translator for a rare language;
  3. Often the translation shall be notarized, and for this you need to invite a translator to a notary. And this also can be a problem.

Also, for example, upon the translation of documents for a visa to the Great Britain, a lot of Ukrainians who intended to translate the documents themselves get a "cultural shock" from a number of documents required by the embassy, in addition with the obligatory translation. Here you cannot do without a translation bureau. And making one error in any of the documents, beginning from the translation of passport and ending with the translation of papers on real estate - you run the risk to suspend a visa obtainment and disrupt the important negotiations or meetings.

Why it is better to apply in JurKlee

Applying to us, you will save yourself from problems with the translation of the necessary documentation and search for professional translators, because we do all work for you. Also we can notarize the translated documents for a visa or certify them by the seal of the translation bureau.

Order the translation of documents for visa
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