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Education in the USA for Ukrainians

America is the most progressive country in the world, which offers its residents and guests a lot of opportunities and advantages in many areas of life. People come to America from all over the world: someone builds a personal life, someone wants to earn money, and someone has a goal to get a decent higher education to become a wealthy person and achieve outstanding success in the future.

Higher education in America is one of the best and promising in the world, so US universities arrange a competitive selection for students from different countries. Young people who study at American universities and colleges have the opportunity to get not just an international diploma, but also a "green ticket" to such a life as they could only dream of.

Advantages of American education

Most universities in the USA work with the most modern educational systems, which are well established in the field of science and education. During 2-3 courses of study, students have the opportunity to practice at enterprises, which allows them to gain not only knowledge, but also invaluable experience, as well as to receive recommendations necessary for employment after graduation from the university.

The main feature of training at universities of the USA is the work according to individual plan, which is chosen by a student, at his discretion. The study of specialized disciplines makes it possible to concentrate all efforts on a specific educational direction and not to be scattered on "general" subjects that will never be necessary in the future profession.

Basic education at American Universities provides for a bachelor's degree. Further, a student can continue his studies, to obtain master's or doctor´s degree.

In addition, in the USA you can get a quality education in a short period of time (1 year). Training for a year involves an intensive course of teaching, which is much cheaper than a full higher education in America. Many Ukrainian students prefer this format of training. One of the additional advantages of obtaining higher education in America is an opportunity to obtain an official work permit during 1 year.

College VS University

You can get an education in the United States, both at colleges and universities. The latter has a strong scientific and technical base, and also offers a large list of faculties and specialties, while colleges are considered to be more narrowly focused educational institutions.
In addition, in America, you can study at a community college, which is an intermediate link between school and university. After graduation, you can get right to the third course of the university.

What do you need for admission to the university in the USA?

To enter a college or university in the USA, you need to collect a package of documents and submit it to the university you are interested in.
Jur Klee offers apostilization and legalization of documents required for admission, which are provided on the most favorable terms. After the transfer of documents, the applicant will receive a response and instructions on further actions, which are sent subject to a positive decision of the admission committee.