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Education in Poland

European education is a dream for every high school graduate of our country. The youth aims to choose an institution before finishing the school. Successful people choose to study in Poland, where foreign students are always welcome. The stories of successful businessmen, economists, lawyers, employees of entertainment, cultural and tourist spheres show that good employment with an enviable salary directly depends on the graduating from Polish University.

Benefits of studying outside Ukraine

Future students who choose to study in an European country will appreciate a lot of benefits of studying abroad. It is Poland that offers affordable education that will not cut parent's budget of the younger generation. The amount to be paid for the education are accessible and justified. Let's revise the main advantages of Polish universities:

  • affordable price;
  • geographical proximity;
  • availability of adaptation centres for foreigners;
  • the opportunity to get used to the local mentality;
  • new acquaintances and useful contacts;
  • high changes of employment in EU countries.

Ukrainian youth, who received a Polish degree, has good opportunities to get a well-paid job outside of Poland and Ukraine. Nowadays the neighboring country welcomes all applicants from the Czech Republic, India, Germany, Turkey and Ukraine. Students from Spain and Russia come here to get a higher doctorate degree, document of Master's degree completion or bachelor's degree.

What are the options for studying in Poland?

Ukrainian high school graduates and young people from other countries apply for a second higher education, graduation from national or private university, senior secondary education, courses and many more. Candidates with senior secondary education can study for 3-4 years for a bachelor's degree. After completing the first cycle (bachelor's programme), people enter the magistrature. The duration of the second cycle lasts up to 4 semesters, but not less than 1.5 years. Indivisible Master's degree programme is a choice for students who want to work in the field of:

  • TV broadcast and movies;
  • psychology;
  • rights;
  • medicines.

More than 500 Polish universities are ready to open the doors for modern students, inviting foreigners to interesting and promising studies. These are Academy of Music, polytechnic, medical, agricultural and economical universities. Ukrainians are allowed to choose the language of teaching. Citizens of Ukraine successfully study in English and Polish languages.

Preparation of essential documents

Students search for university on their own or they use the recommendations of friends. After deciding upon the place of study, you should pay your attention to the preparation of relevant documents. These are: certificate confirming the knowledge of a foreign language, a copy of a foreign (valid) passport, copies of all attachments, diplomas, certificate. Then the applicant should fill up a questionnaire and an application for admission. Such forms are published on the websites of universities.

Where will you receive a help to prepare documents for admission to Poland?

Translation Agency Jur Klee will help to collect the necessary set of documents, does the apostilization, consular legalization and translation activities. You can order an apostille, legalization of certificates, educational documents. Professionals will help to restore the certificate, register a company, help out with nostrification. The Agency will allow you to save on delivery, receiving quality service. The Agency ensures:    

  • respectability;
  • honesty;
  • comprehensive and competent assistance;
  • absolute confidentiality.

A team of linguists and experts with considerable experience will help applicants who wants to study at a school or Poland university. Specialists will put down an apostille, provide services of an accredited and certified translator. Collaborate with a professional agency to prepare the documentation for the entrance to the member country of Hague conference.

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