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When the visa-free regime with the UAE for Ukraine will come into force?

Do Ukrainians need visa in Dubai

The Arab Emirates are attractive for people who want to build a successful career, because of the prospects offered by this country. People are moving there both in order to find high-paid permanent or seasonal job.

Tourist destination is also of great demand, in particular, Dubai is one of the most beautiful and most visited cities of the world. But before you get there, you need to go through a certain process related to preparation of necessary documents and obtaining permit to enter the United Arab Emirates.

Do Ukrainians need visa in the UAE?

Every citizen who wants to visit the United Arab Emirates shall take care of the preparation of permit to enter and stay in the country. The citizens of just 46 countries have the right for automatic visa on arrival in the Emirates, and the CIS countries, unfortunately are not included in this list. Therefore, the preparation of permissive document for entry in this country for Ukrainians and citizens of other countries is a necessary procedure.

The independent process is very laborious and complex, associated with the application in the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Russia, because the consulate in Ukraine has no right to issue visas. In this case we recommend you contact our company – we will take upon ourselves all difficulties of this document preparation, see the short price list of our services for visa registration:

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90 days for 3-4 w.d.

60 days


Multivisa for 90 days for 3-4 w.d.

60 days


*the price is not a public offer.
**Deadlines for consideration of documents by Embassу may be increased.

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What visa do you need in the UAE

Depending on the trip purpose in the UAE differ the types of obtained visas, they may be the following:

  • Touristic– The most common type for the Arab Emirates. It is given to the citizens, who trip in touristic purposes, the maximal term of stay is equal to 30 days;
  • Private or guest – is issued upon presence of invitation for the country visit from the citizen of the Arab Emirates or individual, who has the right for permanent residence in the country;
  • Business/working– is issued upon invitation for employment from the company acting in the Emirates territory;
  • Transit – in this case it is issued for stay in the territory of the Arab Emirates, when you need to make transfer, the maximal stay will be limited only by 96 hours, but if you are not going to leave the transit zone – it is not needed;
  • Cruise– is characterized by the fact that it is necessary when entering the local ports, its preparation will require the invitation from the company, which organizes the cruise and a detailed itinerary of the cruise.
  • Residence – to obtain it, it is necessary to have real estate in the country territory, in such a case the applicant will obtain the right for long-term stay in the state.

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Our translation agency has many years of experience in registering visas for the UAE, we will issue it without buying tours and air tickets on your part, within the shortest possible terms, all that you need for visa in the UAE - is coloured scan-copy of the first page of international passport and photo 3,5*4,5 sm. which can be attached below.

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