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Nostrification of the diploma: what it is, how to get it, how much it costs?

Information on the topic of what the nostrification of a diploma means is considered very important to the people who have received education in another country. The fact is that the implementation of this procedure according to all the rules is the key to the recognition of the document on education by Ukraine.

What does the nostrification of a Diploma give?

The relevance of this is explained by the importance of the result, which consists in the following:

  • Evaluation of a foreign diploma;
  • Its confirmation;
  • Acquisition of the right to apply for a prestigious job with a high salary.

Moreover, what is it – the nostrification of a Diploma, it becomes clear when its owner will be ready to hire not only private structures, but also state institutions. All this is explained by the fact that through this procedure, a foreign document is equated with a domestic one in its meaning, i.e., compliance with the state standards of Ukraine is confirmed. In addition, the case concerns both academic and professional rights, as well as the level of available education.

Thanks to nostrification, it is possible to confirm such documents:

  • Diploma of a specific university;
  • Document of the Candidate of Sciences;
  • Certificate of academic degree;
  • Certificate from the school;
  • Medical degree.

How to make a Diploma nostrification

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Send documents

Since the right to confirm a foreign diploma is held exclusively by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, then you cannot entrust a complex and time-consuming business to any company. The most correct thing to do is to seek help from a translation agency, where the diploma is nostrified, and the documents are translated with a quality guarantee. The fact that everything will go according to plan and you will not have to overpay and spend a lot of time, says the following:

  • Established business cooperation with the Ministry of Education of Ukraine;
  • High professional level of employees;
  • Knowledge of the law and a sense of responsibility;
  • The ability to cope quickly with problems of any complexity.


As for how the nostrification of the diploma still takes place, you can find out by reading the stages of the procedure:

  • Legalization in the country that issued the diploma;
  • Translation;
  • Notarization and special stamp;
  • Applying to the Ministry with the relevant application.

Such events are also expected:

  • Confirmation of the fact that the interested person actually studied at the specified university;
  • Verification of the accreditation of this educational institution;
  • Certificate of validity of the Diploma issue;
  • Comparative analysis of the program of a foreign university and the standards of our country;
  • Expert opinion on the analysis;
  • Issue of the relevant certificate.

Nostrification of the diploma: what it is, how to get it, how much it costs?

In addition to the fact that the client is informed about the procedure of nostrification of foreign Diplomas in Ukraine, he must necessarily provide such a set of documents:

  • The original document of education, including the appendix;
  • Ukrainian passport or residence permit (copy);
  • Application of a special sample;
  • Copy of the diploma;
  • Copy of the international passport;
  • Translation and notarization.

Moreover, the procedure may have several solutions:

  1. Full recognition of the equivalence of official documents;
  2. Partial, providing for the certification of knowledge of the corresponding program of Ukraine by a special exam.
  3. Refusal to confirm the submitted document.

How much does the nostrification of a Diploma cost?

The pricing of this service depends on a number of factors:

  • The speed of the procedure. It can be 60, 50, 40 days, or 20, 10, or even 5 days.
  • The period for performing the comparative analysis is from 10 to 30 days.
Nostrification60 working days3841 UAH
50 working days4211 UAH
40 working days4591 UAH
5, 10, 20 working days*check with the manager
Comparative analysis of subjects30 working days1980 UAH
10 working days2970 UAH

*it is possible only for employment nostrification in case you have certificate from your university.

**the price is not a public offer.
***Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministry may be increased.

Such circumstances will also affect how much the nostrification of foreign Diplomas and other documents of this rank will cost in Ukraine:

  • Finding mistakes and ways to fix them;
  • Which university and in which country issued the Diploma;
  • The presence or absence of difficulties in the preparation of the documentation package;
  • Difficulties in verifying the authenticity of a document and issuing an expert opinion;
  • The need for support at all stages of the procedure, etc.

In any case, relying on the help of a responsible bureau, the customer saves himself from additional costs, irrational use of time and hassle.

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