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What to choose – nostrification or legalization of diplomaIf you belong to the type of ambitious people, who plan to live and work abroad, then you probably already studied the mass of material on the subject of legalization and nostrification of educational documents. Now a lot of useful information can be found on free sites such as forums or expert’s blogs of law firms and translation bureaus. But very often it is easy to get lost in the huge amount of information. We decided once and for all close the question "What do you need: nostrification or legalization?".

Firstly, we would like to say few words to those who, thought up yesterday to collect documents for abroad. If we are talking about the documents nostrification - it on default means just educational documents. Accordingly, exclusively in this article, speaking about legalization, we will also keep in mind the educational documents.

What are the differences between legalization and nostrification

Let's start with the fact that although these concepts are close in meaning, they are designed for different purposes.

Under the diploma nostrification is meant the detailed comparison of the university curriculum, you are graduated from, and the university, in which you are applying with the request to nostrify the diploma (or the norms of Ministry of Education, if you apply to the Ministry). The successfully passed procedure of nostrification will tell the employer that you have learned a sufficient number of subjects (with a sufficient number of academic hours) in order to work at a certain position.

The diploma legalization is a procedure of giving legal force to the diploma abroad. By the results of the successful legalization it will become valid in the country, for which it was legalized.

You can learn the full description of the procedures on the pages:

It is important taking into account, that the nostrification procedure includes the document legalization, so the question "what is necessary: nostrification or legalization" is not quite correct. However, you still need to examine the final procedure.

What procedure is suitable just in your case?

Perhaps the most important question in this matter is one "What do I need for employment/education in X country - nostrification or legalization?".

What about the documents legalization and nostrification in Ukraine

If we speak about the diploma nostrification in Ukraine - this procedure is required if you plan to work in the territory of Ukraine in a state institution with the diploma obtained abroad. Or to continue your education in a state higher educational institution. The word "continue" is the key one, because just for the education continuation in any educational institution, you initially need to compare the number of hours and the subjects. This is done in order to compare the training programs of X country with the training program of Ukraine under the norms of Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

Example of nostrification of diploma/certificate in Ukraine

Nostrification of diploma (Kiev). Positive answer of Ministry of Education of Ukraine

Legalization of diploma in Ukraine (by the Embassy of Kuwait)

Example of the diploma legalization by the Embassy of Kuwait (this document with the seals is sewed to the diploma copy)

Apostille of diploma – example Ukraine

Example of the diploma with apostille (Ukraine)

For private companies it is enough the diploma legalized in the country of the document issuance. Thus, for example, if the diploma has been issued in the USA - it will be necessary to certify it by the Apostille stamp for the use in Ukraine. If the diploma was issued by the country, which have not signed the Hague Convention, then the legalization passes through the Ukrainian Embassy in that country.

There are rare cases, when a private organization still requires that the diploma was nostrificated. But it is rather exception from the rules.

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Legalization and nostrification for abroad

It is very difficult to definitely say - "you need the legalization" or "the diploma nostrification is required". Each country has its own educational system, its rules on employment of foreigners. Therefore, before collecting the documents, you need to clarify at the place of inquiry the full list of documents, which is necessary for a particular purpose. Only in the requirements for the diploma registration you will see which procedure is more suitable for you.

If you have not yet decided on a work/study place - contact several agencies and clarify what documents are necessary for them. Only after such analysis you can determine the form of documents legalization for abroad.

Nostrification of diploma in Czechia

Answer of the higher educational institution of Czechia about the diploma nostrification

Document about nostrification in Czechia

Positive answer of Ministry of Education of Czechia about the educational document recognition

And about pleasant things in conclusion

If you are afraid of such words as "nostrification", "apostille", "legalization of documents" - you definitely have nothing to do in forums and other gratuitous and "bottomless" resources. The main idea of such sites is "Do It Yourself" like in Lego: sit down, take to the question a lot of time, efforts, and see what came out of it in practice (upon the documents submission at the place of inquiry). The only difference of the nostrification from the beloved by all toy, is the fact that the documents and the legal aspects may cancel all plans for the whole year, or even for the whole life.

Therefore, before to be plunged with head into the niceties of preparation of some or another document, it is advisable to get the consultation from our managers. It is absolutely free of charge: call, contact the online chat or send us e-mail.

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