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Few simple ways to confirm your supplier's experience in Prozorro Market

Experience in using an electronic catalog for a profitable product presentation leaves no doubt about the benefits for all participants. After qualification, the supplier has to select a product category and place it in Prozoro Market system. In the future, you cannot even doubt the vision of the products displayed in the catalog by customers from anywhere on the country map. It is important that only a one-time qualification gives you a chance to expect to receive orders during the entire period of participation in the process.

It is also necessary to add the absence of difficulties in entering the category of suppliers. This possibility arises due to a change in the method of confirming the experience of suppliers by the administrator of the electronic catalog – State Institution "Professional Purchases". It also helps to facilitate the qualification of participants. It is possible to start working in the electronic catalog after such metamorphoses only by submitting an application for joining. In any case, you can use one of three methods.

Method 1

Joining Prozorro.Market by all suppliers that meet these requirements:

  • Already included in the list of suppliers of Prozorro;
  • Have experience in executing of at least 10 agreements of this type.

The interested party is only required to indicate this circumstance in the application for joining. Checking such information is already the concern of employees of State Institution "Professional Procurement".

Method 2

In this case, the supplier is required to send the administrator the copies of 20 invoices (scanned or electronic). An important requirement here will be the presence of marks of the parties on these copies to confirm the facts of delivery of goods in the current or previous reporting year.

Few simple ways to confirm your supplier's experience in Prozorro Market

Method 3

Sending the registrar of State Institution "Professional Purchases" from the supplier of the register of tax invoices or the tax invoices themselves. The requirement for the number of invoices for the current or previous reporting year starts counting down from 20 similar documents.

In addition, suppliers should be reminded about the possibility of submitting to Prozorro Market of those products that are in demand for the fight and prevention of COVID-19. An example of such a category of goods in the electronic catalog should be considered the rapid tests for diagnosing COVID-19 in the category "Medical information registration systems and research equipment".

It should be noted that customers can only buy goods from Prozorro Market, the cost of which does not exceed 200 thousand UAH.  The Law On Public Procurement, which has been put into effect, will serve as a basis for the advantages of conducting simplified (pre-threshold) procurement.

The simplest options for confirming the supplier's experience

It would be impossible to dream of the desired level of simplicity in the process of enrolling in the ranks of suppliers, if not for the simplified procedures in Prozorro Market. The reason for this facilitation of the task should be considered the changes introduced by the administrator of the electronic catalog – State Institution "Professional Purchases" in the following area:

  • Facilitation of the method of confirming the experience of suppliers;
  • Facilitation of qualification conditions for participants.
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