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Is it possible to apostille old-style documents?

An Apostille is an official confirmation of a document. Without Apostille, it is impossible to achieve recognition of the legal force of a diploma, certificate or other document in the countries that signed the Hague Convention of 1961.

The Apostille is placed directly on the document itself or its notarized copy in the issuing country. For citizens of our state, they can be apostilled only in Ukraine, but they were often obtained even before 1991 in the USSR.

Therefore, Ukrainian citizens who are going to submit such documents abroad have a question - if the document was issued in the USSR, where should it be apostilled and who can do it? There is no single agency that performs this service. Depending on the type of document, this can be done in the following Ministries

  • Ministry of Justice;
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • Ministry of Education and Science.

If Ukraine has a contract on legal assistance, Apostille is not affixed, but this does not apply to the official documentation received in the USSR.

Apostille on an old-style birth certificate

Confirmation of birth certificates is necessary for those who are employed or are going to get an education abroad. The certificate performs the function of an identity card. Apostille is required for both new- and old-style birth certificates.

First of all, you will need a translation into the language of a specific country. In Switzerland, Belgium and France, they also require an Apostille to be affixed to the translation. There are other limitations as well. Thus, in Italy, only translations made by accredited translators and confirmed at the consulate are accepted.

Is it possible to place Apostille on an old-style birth certificate? It is possible to place Apostille on an old birth certificate, if you prepare a notarized copy of it. However, in many countries, Apostille in this form will not be accepted. In order not to face such a problem, it is better to get the document again, and then place Apostille.

Is it possible to apostille old-style documents?

Apostille of an old-style diploma

Apostille of the diploma will also be required for those who want to get a job or continue their education abroad. It confirms the fact of receiving an education. Apostille is also required for old-style diplomas obtained in the USSR.

Depending on the requirements put forward by the country to which the citizen is sent, one of three options may be required:

  • Apostille on the document and notarized translation;
  • double Apostille, on the document and its translation;
  • Apostille on a document supplemented by a sworn or accredited translation certified by a consular seal.

Jur Klee specialists undertake to perform this service in full, regardless of which of the options is required in a particular case.

Apostille for an old-style marriage certificate

It is necessary to affix an Apostille on the marriage certificate. If a person is planning in another country:

  • apply for a residence permit;
  • annul the marriage;
  • reunite with the family;
  • apply for a visa;
  • get citizenship;
  • register the birth of a child.

It is impossible to put an Apostille on the old-style certificates. Such a document issued in the USSR before 1991 can be apostilled in the form of a notarized copy. However, as in the case of diplomas, this option is not accepted in most countries, since the Apostille does not certify the document, but only the notary's signature. To put an Apostille on the original, you will need to issue a second certificate.

Specialists of our company perform all the above and other work on affixing an Apostille on documents of both new and old samples.

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