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Postal services in Ukraine

With the advent of electronic means of communication, the need for mailing documents has already significantly reduced, but this service has not lost its relevance today. Most transactions require the transmission of paper documents of legal value. These are usually the original documents, often required to verify data in another country. Their late delivery can have serious consequences: disruption of the transaction, dismissal from work or even deportation with deprivation of the right of entry. Consequently, reliability in the transmission of documents is of paramount importance.

Ukrainian delivery services

Among the main Ukrainian delivery services are popular such services as Nova Poshta, Delivery, MistExpress. 

Nova Poshta works with such neighboring countries as Moldova and Georgia. Delivery carries out transportation from China, Thailand, Korea, India. MistExpress delivers mail and parcels from European countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and China. All these services have extensive work experience and positive feedback.

Such domestic service as Ukrpochta has its limitations. Postal delivery service does not receive a lot of positive feedback. We have had cases with serious delay in sending important documents to customers in other countries, or letters were returned by the postal service with a notification of the wrong address. At the same time, even the confirmation on the official letterhead of the successful delivery of documents does not guarantee the fact of delivery.

European services

In Europe, postal logistics is at much higher level. The most popular delivery services are DHL Express, TNT and Pony Express. 

German DHL Express has been working with Ukraine for almost 30 years and is highly accurate in the delivery of mail. Netherland’s TNT offers a wide range of services, offers its customers both urgent and economical delivery, which is important when sending important international documentation. For mail transfers within the CIS countries it is more profitable to use the services of Pony Express, they offer the lowest prices among other foreign delivery services.

In order to have one hundred percent confidence in the safe and prompt delivery of important documents, you should use proven postal services that have a good reputation and positive feedback from customers. You can learn from us what service is the best for the delivery of documentation to your country or on the delivery page.


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