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What documents are needed for a Certificate of no criminal record?

Certificate of no criminal record is a documentary confirmation of the absence of criminal liability and restrictions of a particular individual. It can be requested by many relevant authorities in certain situations or when processing state documents. Documents for a Certificate of no criminal record are submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Types of the Certificates of no criminal record

Taking into account the criminal procedure legislation, several types of certificates are issued – "full" and "shortened".

"Shortened" includes information about the presence or absence of a criminal record. "Full" contains information about whether criminal charges have been brought, about the presence or absence of restrictions/criminal records that are provided for by the criminal procedure legislation.

Individuals request a Certificate in various cases defined by law – for visa processing, for employment purposes, for obtaining a permit for weapons, and others. At the same time, the legislation provides for a different amount of information about a person, depending on the specific purpose of using the document.

In one case, it is only necessary to prove that the person does not have a criminal record, and the other situation requires confirmation that the person not only has no criminal record, but also has never been convicted, even if, in accordance with the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the criminal record is removed or extinguished.

Therefore, the type of a Certificate must be specified – "full" or "shortened", the designation of this information is mandatory, and its absence may serve as a refusal to consider the request.

At the next stage, it is important to determine what documents may be needed to issue a Certificate of no criminal record? Here it is important to note that the list of necessary documentation will be different for citizens of Ukraine and non-residents. Both citizens of Ukraine and non-residents who have reached the age of 14 can receive the document.

What documents are needed for a Certificate of no criminal record?

What documents do Ukrainian citizens provide for obtaining a Certificate of no criminal record?

An individual provides:

  • A copy or a scanned copy of the passport -1st and 2nd pages, registration;
  • If you have an ID card, then you need a copy on both sides and a copy of the statement to it;
  • if a person has changed their last name/first name, you must submit a document confirming the change of personal data.

If the document is ordered via an online application, you need to pay attention to the quality of the sent scanned copies.

List of documents for a Certificate of no criminal record, which is provided by non-residents of the country

Order the certificate

Send the passport copy, indicate the purpose and the desired date of the certificate getting.


To obtain a Certificate of no criminal record in Ukraine, non-resident must provide the following documents:

  • copies/scanned copies of all passport pages and their duly certified translation into Ukrainian;
  • if there was a change of last name/first name, then you must provide copies/scanned copies of the relevant documents;
  • temporary registration of a foreign citizen in Ukraine.

Apply for a Certificate of no criminal record by yourself or seek professional help?

The help of qualified specialists will allow you to avoid unnecessary hassle and significantly save time. When applying to the state structure, it is important to know a number of certain requirements and nuances, as well as correctly fill out all the forms, accurately specifying the necessary information. Mistakes can cause a refusal to issue a document and a significant loss of time.

The specialists of the agency Jur Klee will provide the necessary instructions and advice, as well as tell you what documents are needed in your particular case to order a Certificate of no criminal record. Employees will correctly compile a package of documentation and, if necessary, perform a competent translation into Ukrainian, without which the registration of the certificate will be impossible. A well-thought-out pricing policy and the provision of high-quality services are the key to obtaining the necessary document in the shortest possible time and effective cooperation.

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