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Marriage conclusion in the UAE

Since the Arab Emirates live under the Shariat laws, which imply that a contracted marriage is a deed, very often arise a lot of questions and confusions with the registration of necessary for it documents.

This contract defends the rights of spouses and arose as a result of marriage children. It shall be registered in the Shariat court in the UAE. Depending on each particular case change the requirements for documents, which shall be presented for marriage conclusion.

Peculiarities of marriage conclusion in the UAE

For non Muslims in the territory of the Arab Emirates acts the marriage laws, which apply in their native countries. Let us consider the two common types of marriage, which are concluded in this country:

Christian marriage. Wedding in Dubai and other Emirates for Chrisitians is connected with the necessity to take upon themselves the original and the translation of documents :

  • Birth certificate;
  • National passport;
  • Documents about divorce (if the earlier registered marriage was terminated).

Also, in some cases you will need a medical check, directly in the territory of the United Arab Emirates. Next, it is necessary to know if you can get married in the consulate of your country.

Islamic marriage. If the wedding ceremony will be conducted in accordance with Islamic laws it is necessary to have resident visas for the bride and the groom, if they are not residents of the Emirates.

If the groom is Muslim - the bride shall be converted to Islam, otherwise the marriage will be invalid. The bride must be accompanied by the father or the guardian acting on behalf of her father.

Also for the marriage registration are necessary two witnesses, and both of them shall be men-Muslims. The guardian and the witnesses are obliged to have their passports and certified copies of documents.

Necessary documents for marriage with a Muslim

In each specific situation the requirements for the package of documents may vary, so let’s consider the most difficult option - when the bride adopted Islam in order to marry an Arab.

In this case, the father must apply to the notary and write the statement stating that he is aware of the intention to marry the daughter, is in a sound mind and that nobody manipulates upon decision making. With this statement, the father confirms his consent to the marriage.

If the father cannot be present personally at the wedding ceremony it is necessary to issue the power of attorney for the guardian, who will act on behalf of the bride’s father and represent his interests.

The bride herself shall have the passport and the certificate that she adopted Islam. Below you can acquaint with the examples of statement for the consent to marriage from the father and the power of attorney for the guardian:

Statement from the father confirming the marriage

Power of attorney from the bride’s father for the guardian

How passes the process of documents legalization for marriage with a Muslim

So, when the statement from the father or the power of attorney for the guardian (if necessary) are ready, it is necessary to make their legalization for the Arab Emirates, in order they have legal force. the process itself consists of the following consecutive stages:

  • Certification of originals in MinJust and MFA;
  • Translation of documents and notarization of their translations;
  • Certification of the translated documents in MinJust and MFA;
  • Certification of a complete package of papers in the Embassy of the UAE.

Note that the translation is made in Arab or English language, the Shariat court of the Arab Emirates will notify you the necessary language and a full list of documents.

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